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  • i HATE skool its alwayz eating up my time like once i finish my homework my mom say "Oh srry you got school tomorrow so go to bed" why is life difficult
    I do draw things myself actually, but I'm to lazy atm. =P
    Especially because of the laaaag in photoshop.

    So wuu2? =3
    Well, i wished it was this easy

    I am gonna ask for a friend to send me from another country, that's cheaper

    Here it's R$200,00
    it's like R$100,00 american dollars
    (with the world economy crisis, it'll be around R$250,00)
    Yup, this expensive
    (couldnt get on, cuz had tests 2day, so had to study)

    I started playing at crystal, but at the pc
    My first real pokemon game was sapphire with my first videogame the GBA
    Now I have diamond, leafgreen, sapphire, pearl and gonna get 2 platinum (now in March end =D)

    See u live in uk
    That's why Platinum in May?
    I'm from Brazil ^^
    Here is at the same time as US, but more expensive
    I got it from a Japanese website, but it's unknown who drew it. o_O
    All he has to do is give the link to the site and that's credit enough.
    Also you may like this if you like Charizard.

    I don't really have a fav pokemon, I just change it once in a while to the ones I like.
    Charizard is one of them. Hehe
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