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  • no, no, im just thinking too much, i need to get my mind off it.
    yeah the 10 is how it works. u can ask people who ev for shops, or like lavaburst14, or pkmnfn
    Oh, sure thing! Is your connection a bit flaky? I thought mine was because it kept jamming up. No problem though, yeah, I'll be free tomorrow around about.. same time as today? 1:30pm for you? Hey thanks again! :D
    Oh, cool, haha, yeah, can you believe that that Victini loves net balls?! I mean... back when I had jsut got my 2nd badge and was in Castella City and I was doing the event. I used up my other poké balls and had 2 net balls from random NPCs. So I thought why not? And the first one.. so close! Second one.. and thats how I caught my first Victini. :p Its quite special if I do say so myself :p Oh yeah, gratz on being the first person to comment on my wall o_O
    awww thanks. i get what u say. it is harder to just talk to the huge traders (which i am friends with about all of them.) brawl is sppf daddy, lavaburst is sis ginji is nice. i have lots of contacts and i get nice trades. i have no problem with doing a spontanious giveaway of a pokemon.
    also my pm giveaway, i think im going to let every person who entered (~15) one pokemon each.
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