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  • Oh! Hahaha My bad. I just clicked on everyone's names. XD No, it's cool. The tournament's already over anyways haha
    Let's see if we can spot each other in the tournament! Fill this out and I'll put it up in the Autumn Friendly Thread!

    Trainer Sprite: (Breeder, Scientist, Hiker, Roughneck, Preschooler, Youngster, Ace Trainer, or Ranger)
    OT: (Your in-game character's name)
    Location: (Where did you register yourself in the game?)
    Message: (What is the message that you put into the bottom of your Trainer Card?)

    Hopefully I can get some of you guys to fill it out! (Should have done this earlier. XD)
    hey i have a DW female dratini, eevee, sableye, carvanha and ralts (when the uk nintendo wifi is fixede...) no specific trades for them, just any decent offers :)
    Hey i could breed you some of the pokemon you are looking for; slowpoke dratini, gligar, espeon, sharpedo
    The Abra must be Timid and the Poliwag must be Modest (sorry that I forgot to mention that). First we'll trade those guys for the DW Blaziken, then we'll deal with Eevee.
    I'd like the Abra and the Poliwag to be flawless with their DW abilities (no shiny, please). That'll be it for the DW Blaziken. For the Eevee... here's my offer: I will give you the Eevee. You need to breed several of them to be flawless AND female with the DW ability. One must be Timid and the other must be Modest. Does the offer sound acceptable?
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