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Jan 31, 2018
Aug 26, 2008
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Viridian City
Just a secretary

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THE QUEEN IS BACK, from Viridian City

Matori was last seen:
Jan 31, 2018
    1. AgentPierce
      I notice the only big mission in Unova you left out is Milos Island, which I can understand. TR barely did anything there since their presence in the story was really just a glorified set-up piece for Operation Tempest. I really like those two episodes, but not for Team Rocket's role, since it was very inconsequential to those episodes' story.

      Unlike you and many others, I was never convinced that Meowth had been fired from Team Rocket and always figured it was an act. That said, I almost find that regrettable, since the two-parter makes even more of an impact if you were as fooled as Ash and the others were.

      I agree with what you said about the Twist Mountain mission though, especially Zager's characterization in it. I always found the "respect for a fellow academic" part really interesting, since it shows that Zager's scientific obsession makes him just as capable of great civility as it does great cruelty.

      I'm still holding out hope that we'll see TR vs. TP someday, maybe even someday soon now that BW is ending and there are two open weeks before X/Y starts (and if not on the air, then through some sort of special release; lost episodes of shows tend to be "found" eventually, and with the hype these two got it would be bizarre if they were never publicly seen).

      I still kind of wish Operation Tempest HAD been Team Rocket's finale, because I doubt it will be topped.

      Agreed 100% on Mewtwo Returns. The bashing it sometimes gets for "trying to do too much at once" or "having too many messages" is really stupid when you consider it was the last big thing Takeshi Shudo wrote before becoming just a regular writer on the staff (who ended up leaving before the OS was even finished) and he wanted to go out with style, which I think he succeeded at since I like all the things it does and all the messages. And Domino is freaking awesome.
    2. AgentPierce
      I'd place the Subway above Twist Mountain, but otherwise I agree completely with this!
    3. PokemonNation2000

      This is f****** brilliant. Awesome job, Matori. Shame TRio weren't kept serious and actually allowed to accomplish their goals. Nope, now we're back to the DP Kindergarten TRio again. Imagine, something BW improved about the anime, that's been regressed. >_>

      I agree: Mewtwo Returns is where they really shined! :D
    4. Pokemaniac24
      1) YES YES YES YES! Everything about this was brilliant! The great beginning showing Mewtwo's beginnings started off the special on a high note. Giovanni and Domino were great villains. Meowth and Pikachu had a great part to play. Ash had his moments with Mewtwo, and the ending when Mewtwo said to Ash, "I will remember you...always" was so beautiful!
    5. Pokemaniac24
      That's an awesome Top 5! While I don't think I would put them in that exact order, Number 1 is definitely Number 1 for me :) I'll comment on your list.

      5)LOVED this arc. It had everything you would want in a TV show. Drama, betrayal, action, fast-paced, great interactions. Honestly, sometimes it doesn't even feel like a Pokémon episode. That train chase scene is among one of my favorite things ever in Pokémon. Zager flying his helicopter to grab the train was epic, his interactions with James was great. The build-up to this arc was fantastic with great episodes like the Purrloin episode and the Dream Thief. I knew watching them that Meowth would go back because I didn't watch them the original air date. When I saw them, Meowth was back with TR already.

      4)These episodes are so underrated. This is how TR should be in every filler episode. This felt like a very standard filler episode (except it was 2 parts) in many ways completed with a COTD who has to deal with their own backstory with a Pokémon and TR attacks. Except the difference between this and most AG/DP fillers is this one was actually good. The plot was good. The idea of the Time Gate was awesome and TR actually was a threat.

      3) :*( The epicness that was never aired. I loved the build-up to it. We saw TR being spies and awesome spies at that. Giovanni was finally giving direct orders to TRio, we were introduced to 3 awesome new TR members and that trailer looked AMAZING.

      2) Tempest was great for me. I get people saying the second part was rushed and I definitely think this could have used another part but I mean we had Giovanni and Persian vs. Ash and Pikachu. Dr.Zager saying, "For TR, nothing is impossible." Giovanni and Zager catching Meloetta. Iris and Cilan battling TRio. Ridley battling TR Grunts. The fight with the Kami Trio. Giovanni being possessed and the emotional ending. More so in the original than the dub because the music that plays at the end of the sub is so emotional!
    6. Pokemaniac24
      Yep! As Jessie puts it, he's "the brains of TR!" :)
    7. Pokemaniac24
      That was a good call by Butler when it came to least evil TR member!

      And that's awesome! Working for Zager must have been an honor for Mondo :)
    8. Pokemaniac24
      Well, like you said, the R*cketshippers, for some ridiculous reasons that I'll never understand, don't care for any TR member outside of Jessie and James and want them to have nothing to do with TR and have Jessie compete in contests while James accompanies her.
    9. Pokemaniac24
      And the sad part is people want Giovanni to fire them and for them to leave TR for good to find happiness even though they proved they are happy being TR agents and want to stay there.
    10. Pokemaniac24
      Yeah, I think Giovanni thinks a lot more highly of the TRio that some of the people who say Giovanni never cared for the TRio would have people believe. I mean TRio hasn't had any major successes in all of the OS when it comes to catching something for Giovanni and Giovanni knows they are constant failures to him and yet he still keeps them around and allows them to do what they want.
    11. Pokemaniac24
      I agree. It's not everyday that you seen Giovanni laying out on the beach like that. I like how that episode showed what he would do on his day off from work since we don't usually see Giovanni outside a work setting. And yet even on the beach, he is still plotting his enemies' demise!
    12. Pokemaniac24
      And to think he didn't even show up all that much in Kanto. It seemed like every time he showed up, something bad happened to him. I'm glad he got a nice relaxing day at the beach in one of the episodes :)
    13. Pokemaniac24
      Matori, did you ever realize how unlucky Giovanni got in Kanto. I think he even had more bad luck that most other antagonists in the show. Though unlike most of them, he got to keep his life so that's a plus.

      Let me tell you what comes to mind.

      -Poke World gets destroyed
      -Mewtwo destroys a lab full of his scientists
      -Mewtwo destroys one of his bases where he barely manages to escape with Persian
      -Mewtwo escaping AT ALL
      -The Viridian Gym collapsing
      -Whatever emergency happened in "Battle of the Badge" that caused Giovanni to leave TRio in charge of his gym

      And this was all in the Kanto arc!

      Poor guy :(
    14. Pokemaniac24
      Matori, it's almost depressing knowing we may never see some of these characters again (Dr.Zager, Matori, and Pierce) :(

      They better come back! I don't think I could take 4 more years of AG/DP TR!
    15. Pokemaniac24
      Yep! Persian doesn't get to battle much so he was probably happy his Dad allowed him to help! Good thing that Giovanni put him back in his Pokeball. Imagine the sad look on Persian's face if he saw Giovanni possessed :(
    16. Pokemaniac24

      I was searching for a new avatar and this picture of Persian was too adorable that there's no way I couldn't choose it! :D
    17. AgentPierce
      He nailed it there. Jessie in DP was a very uncomfortable "emotionally insecure woman concerned about aging and desperately trying to stay young and childish" type of character.
    18. Pokemaniac24
      Here we go again with people claiming DP had such great character development!
    19. AgentPierce
      Ah, but these fans think the Trio ISN'T having fun unless they're being hyperactively cheerful about enacting the same dumbass, harmless villain plans that they should know will fail by now, rather than having fun while making actual efforts to do their job.
    20. AgentPierce
      There's a difference between being good at heart, like the Trio is (and they're likely not exceptional in this regard, given how big the TR organization is), and actually being good. The Trio may be good at heart, but they know that they're misfits and outcasts whose best place to fit in is in an evil organization, so damn straight they're going to be evil and enjoy it!
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