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  • Doubt it's him, he usually rants about Johto not the TRio. Did you also see his reaction? About time they know how we felt arguing with them last generation.

    Huh, seeing the same posts over and over? What are you talking about?
    Too late to ignore them now, figured if I'm going on offense I might just as well play the way they did last gen. So who is that guy anyway? And no problem with the 3DS
    Hey you VM'd the wrong page :p

    Anyway mine is 2251-4715-1449. He/she also responded again, still debating if I should mock or ignore him/her
    weird, wonder why it didn't show up. 5000-1764-3126

    also thank you so much for taking down Noodlerama, getting really sick of their ******** on Tumblr.
    Oh, well I asked you for your friend code and gave mine as well since your PM box was full.
    I actually found myself agreeing with her about the episode (especially on how well dubbed TR was in it) up until she mentioned Rocketshipping and liking the Beeheyem's idiot remark. And the second link you provided.....oh good lord.....no, just no.
    The irony is that this opinion is the exact opposite of the truth: Team Rocket, run by Giovanni, is the only place that did accept them "being their true selves"; that's why they're so passionate about it and about pleasing Giovanni. Team Rocket is the only place they fit in, so is it really too hard to ask that they not take joy in derping around and failing by repeating the same dumb moves, and that they instead be efficient at their jobs?
    I still have hope that Serena could turn out well and hopefully most of what she's going to do in the series is still not being revealed to us yet because like you said, Pokémon has had a lot of positive female characters who are great role models and I hope that continues with Serena.
    I agree completely. Every TR female member that has been introduced into the show is very strong for sure. Jessie, Cassidy, Domino, Matori, Wendy, and if you are looking at the dub, Annie and Oakley were strong female characters, too and it's really great to watch. From experience with watching TV, it is usually rare to find a villainous group with so many strong female characters as the organizations are usually mostly males where they have one strong female character. Team Rocket has several, which is great.
    That's something I love about TR- that there are so many women in high positions and they're shown as just as competent, if not more competent, than the men in the organization. It's really empowering.
    It would be great if they tried to recreate Domino in a way, having Matori and Domino both start off as characters who aren't what they seem and there's more to them. And Matori is definitely being portrayed as Giovanni's right-hand woman like Domino was in Mewtwo Returns.
    Yeah, headcanons and fanfics are definitely a great way to expand on her character. But you do bring up a lot of great points. I have to think the writers have something planned for her. Maybe in XY we'll see her get more involved.
    Better check that one out since I don't think we'll get one in the anime! I still think it would be awesome if the anime made her a secretary by day and secret agent by night. We need someone to fill Domino's shoes :)

    Though, I have to wonder if Matori would have as much names as Domino who had three (Agent 007, The Black Tulip, and Domino).
    I agree with that, too. The fact of the matter is if he wanted to kill Ash and Pikachu because of them being threats to him, he would have done it on the ride there. Like you said, Tempest was Giovanni's story as it should have been because not counting the two-parter, we haven't had a story center around Giovanni since Mewtwo Returns. The difference is though that in Mewtwo Returns, he co-starred with a few others such as Mewtwo and you could even make arguments for Domino, Clone Pikachu and Ash being a co-star. Tempest was all Giovanni's. And like you said in your countdown of TR's best missions, Zager already had his moment in the Time Gate 2-parter and he was epicness in the Subway two-parter riding that helicopter so I didn't mind him not getting that much to do in Tempest and we have seen so many TRio stories. Though of course those characters had their moments in Tempest, too. Zager is a huge reason Meloetta was captured and TRio saved Giovanni's life.

    Now we need that Matori story :)
    I just cannot believe she actually says it's good for them to be "the world's happiest failures". NO! No, it's not! They were so great in the OS because they were not happy about being failures, they didn't want to be and so they kept trying. AG and DP having them take idiotic joy in being losers is way more OOC than them being determined to stay winners after getting a promotion in BW.

    The only TR-tagged post she's ever made that was on the money was a very early one, which called out the BS Rocketshipping trend of hating on Meowth and treating him like a third wheel. Kudos to her on that one. Other than that, most of her posts are bashing of BW and how it robbed TR of their souls and yadda, yadda, yadda.

    I just lurk, I don't have much interest in joining the site.
    Oh definitely. Tempest was definitely Giovanni's story over any other TR member. Even in Part 1, which wasn't as focused on Giovanni, showed him willing to threaten others' (Ash's and Pikachu's) lives in order to achieve his goal. Now, I think it's clear to say that Giovanni was never really going to go that far as he must have known he had Meloetta right where he wanted her and that actually killing Ash and Pikachu would probably cause Meloetta to retreat and go elsewhere.

    This is one of the major reasons why I feel that people don't give Giovanni enough credit. Every time I see people talk about J, people bring up her almost killing Ash and Pikachu as if that was something that was original and has never been done before in the anime. Don't get me wrong. J's a great villain and deserves all the credit she gets. But a lot of what Giovanni did even in the OS where he threatened the clones' lives in Mewtwo Returns, for example, was just as evil as what J did.

    And speaking of Mewtwo Returns, that scene of him appreciating the setting was definitely another very human moment for him.
    I found this. This....is the absolute DEFINING EXAMPLE of the anti-BW TR fanatics I can't stand.

    I mean, my God, to say all these things with these words unironically....!
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