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  • Love the Wreck-It Ralph quote! And I completely agree about Giovanni as well. There is heart down there and he has had several instances of being human, which is why I think the anime does a great job with him more than any other villain. Giovanni is definitely one of the more evil characters in the show but unlike quite a few villains in the anime, Giovanni is portrayed as solely evil like some of the others.
    Oh, wow, that's very interesting. Giovanni actually saving a Pokémon. Who would have guessed!? :) Either he used to be a good guy or he has a thing for cats. Maybe both!
    I wonder how Giovanni obtained that Persian. Do you think a TR member caught it for him and he thought it was too adorable to just lock away like the other Pokémon?
    That's a very good point. To think Dogasu used to be a mod on there..... Though Bulbagarden allows users to get away with much more than Serebii allows. Character bashing on here results in an infraction but if it happens on Bulbagarden, the mods don't bother and use the whole "they are cartoon characters" excuse.
    Now let's hope they give her a bigger role in this saga. I guess DA! TR wasn't a result of the writers giving up one TR in general but rather a result of the writers not putting all their effort into DA! so they could make XY even better. Now, Zager and Pierce, where are you!? I am sure the latter isn't coming back but you never know. We don't even know what happened to him in the first place!
    I'm not getting my hopes up too high yet but the writers not forgetting Matori exists is a good sign. Now let's hope her and Giovanni are relevant this saga and Zager returns.
    Yeah, I think this signifies the death of Giovanni as a relevant character. A business suit likely means he'll be, well, busy for most of XY, and he isn't mentioned at all in the TR bio.

    Goddamn it, writers.....
    Well, let's look on the bright side, Matori. We'll always have the BW/BW2/EN arcs to go back and watch because I have a feeling we'll never see them that competent again :(
    Me personally, I'll pretend the anime ended the episode after Episode N, except that Ash, Iris and Cilan went with Porter on the right ship immediately and it then segweyed into the events of next week's episode, which does look like a nice ending for BW: Iris and Cilan have their send-offs, and Team Rocket goes out the sensible way: with a Pikachu and other Pokemon theft attempt for old time's sake (and actually competently managed too, from the looks of things!) The rest of DA!, the "My Dream! Pokemon Master!" episode, and X/Y? Not happening in my mind. Show's over.
    Matori, I want to show you something I showed Butler and Pierce.


    Now the pros starts off with actually praising BW TR which is rare to see on Bulbagarden. But look at the cons. The poster states that BW TR was both a pro and con. One of the cons the poster gives is that their change was sudden. This is something we hear a lot of on these forums but look at what the poster says after that.

    The poster wants Ash to beat TR with relative ease and for them not to be a threat!
    I just watched some of Mewtwo Returns and Domino really deserves to have a recurring role on the anime. That would be amazing.
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