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Recent content by Matt Silver

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    Confirmed Pokemon Discussion Thread

    Huh. It was on this day that I realised that the Pokemon fandom is the whiniest ever. Seriously, I was thinking the Doctor Who haters were up there, but these kids take the cake.
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    The Pokemon Journey

    Sheesh Beco... only six months in between posting 9-panel comics. If you had waited another two years or so, you'd be at my record. :P Good new part.
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    Magic Ambipom - Pokemon Vers. for Magic Monkey!

    It's like decent comics don't even exist anymore...
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    JailBirds [PG-13]

    Yeah, you still suck for reasons listed above.
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    Fan Comics Café

    Weeelllll... I've never told a newbie to get the **** out, but if I were a moderator... the power! :P Good for you, being able to comic again and all that. And double good on you for quoting Futurama.
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    Fan Comics Café

    You want the truth, kid? It's cause those comics have been around a LOT longer than yours, and while the entire section may become stagnant 'cept those ones, the fans will flock back to post in those same ones because they like that they're favourite comics aren't ending like everybody else's. I...
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    Well, I think your 'meal' has given me a case of extreme food poisoning. One, your grasp on the English language is in dire need of going from 'awful' to 'not awful'. Your spelling, grammar and punctuation is all over the place. It goes from capitalised names to non-capitalised, from words...
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    Pokémon Rebirth

    Hey, who doesn't love a good backstory comic? Milli's backstory... goddamn that girl's had it tough, eh? Again, I loved the subversion of the "Light Magicers are Good Guys" this comic seems to be playing up. That Bishop guy was a real prick, haha! Keep it up, as always.
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    POKEMON! A Fading Twilight

    I'm rather impressed. Visuals, story thus far - all good, no problems yet. The 2x zoom thing Anton recommended is more of a personal choice thing. I, personally, think that keeping it as is without zooming won't kill any kittens, so keep at it. Now, for the constructive crit/some...
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    Fan Comics Café

    Yeah, I just found it! Apparently I was less constructive and more direct back then, and couldn't spell 'describe'. How about that! I'm definitely do more constructive crit the next time around. Hmm... getting the word out? A big banner in your sig might help, especially if it's an...
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    Fan Comics Café

    Nah. FRLG OW's for me, start to finish. I'm a traditionalist, and the big heads of the DPPtHGSS OW's creep me out haha.
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    Fan Comics Café

    Ah, rotation clarification, thanks. Yeah, if I were you, I'd add some alcoholic PokeBlocks to your tea - the hard stuff! By the by, I'm on GMT 10+, which is 4pm as of this posting.
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    Fan Comics Café

    Just rotate? Or are you trying to flip horizontally or vertically? 'Cause you can flip horizontally or vertically in Seashore via the 'Selection' menu, but for full rotation, you have to go to the 'Layer' menu, and it only rotates the entire picture. Man, I spent months looking for a MS Paint...
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    Fan Comics Café

    I'm thinking Fan Fic section, but it might be prudent to PM a Moderator in that section and ask. The pictures may be put in a fic as chapter page picture or something like that, but I'm not entirely sure if it's been done before.
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    Pokémon Rebirth

    If this is anything like the Manga, I think Remi is going to be fighting soon. Nice new part. Brinda's cameo = mysterious and interesting. Next up, I can just imagine Millinear trying to defend Desh's little snack: "The guy Desh drained was a rapist, right? RIGHT?" Haha. Keep it up.