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  • Taking this to VMs because it's getting off topic, but...

    I get what you're saying and you will have to read the fic so see what I mean.
    This is exactly my point. That and, as Dragonite said, it's a little difficult to read a fic that doesn't actually exist yet. :|
    She will get into that game if she stays popular in the show; however, she won't get into the game if she gets replaced. *coughiriscough*
    It's simple, she has to stay in the show for a little longer to become popular enough to enter an SSB game before any Pokegirl, but it may also require the popularity of a starter set besides the 1st Gen.
    Dawn really needs to lose at the Grand Festival in order for her to stay in the show to increase her chance in appearing in a possible Super Smash Bros. 4.
    Well, we don't necessarily have to be friends to talk, but I'll add you anyway. :]

    Edit: Oh, and you're welcome.
    Hey, Matt! No need to thank me for that! I was plenty ****** as well by the Sinnoh GF finals, and by the various **** moves the anime pulled recently (Takuto being the worst but by no means the only...)

    And yes, I would like to continue talking to you! So, you're welcome to contact me whenever you want! ^_^
    Please be aware that you should not be posting multiple times in a row in any thread. Reply to everybody you wish to address in one single post at a time. If you wish to quote other posts, you can do so by using the Multi-Quote button on the bottom right-hand corner of a post, or simply, by using the
    tags properly. Please be aware of this for the future.

    That's awesome and all - I'm a big fan of both the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors myself =D - but why the friend request? I don't actually know you. :/
    I'm sorry, but I've rejected that friend request. Frankly, you had many AWESOME people (me not included) give you advice in your thread in the author's cafe and seeing you excuse your way out of it has made you seem less sympathetic. Sorry.
    Online battle simulator. Make a team, join a server, battle. No wifi required.

    OK, I'll bite. Do I have to now though?

    Have you heard of The Orb?

    If not, just look up the song I Am the Red Worm.

    It creeps the h*ll out of me.
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