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  • I'm still reading your story in detail before commenting, so give me 2-3 weeks and I'll post my thoughts: sorry for the delay.

    Yes, and you? Thanks.
    Aaaaaand you just responded to a VM that literally said, "Stop thinking only about yourself in every situation where you say or do hurtful or angering things to people because that shows you don't care about how the other person feels" with a VM entirely about you and how you feel. That's just beautiful.

    It's best that we don't speak to each other via VM or PM, yes. But let's act like mature, responsible adults in the discussion threads.
    Yeah, okay, I was going to leave this alone, but I'm just going to say one more thing. That last VM (that I deleted because wtf) and your question in the first place kinda imply that you have no effing clue why I was pissed off about that letter back then. Here's a hint. It's related to why I don't particularly like you in general. You don't seem to care about other people or how they're feeling, so yeah, in short, I merry well think so.

    Here's a side tip. If you can, for five seconds, stop fixating on yourself when it comes to every encounter we've had in the past, it'll be a hell of a lot easier to figure out how to talk to me. That was kinda the problem in the first place. You thinking about yourself instead of other people or why they're reacting to you. So instead, you started going on and on about that post and whatnot instead of thinking for five seconds about how other people felt (namely how much they don't want to talk about it, how to avoid doing that kind of thing and pissing people off again, that kind of thing).

    I'd ask you if that made sense, but tbqh, I feel like the conversation's rather one-sided here. So ... yeah.
    Me too. I also liked Jaxamoto's Prof. Oak as well from a YouTube video where he dreams of being in a cave with Ash etc. if you've seen that one?

    Never did finish it, man: if you want to link it to me, I'll finish it up from where I left off.
    Yeah, I've seen Cubix: I thought it was okay. :)

    LMAO: WHY isn't this guy the voice actor for Prof. Oak now? He's way closer to Stuart Zagnit than Carter Cathcart has ever been.
    Sorry, I was busy with school and finals so I haven't checked back here in a good while. Yes, I do plan on it! Do you wish for me to comment per chapter or on the whole thing?
    No? That was kinda two years ago, bro.

    Look. I apologized for my post on LJ, and I've tried my best to mature and not write posts like that again. I've been as friendly towards you as possible, and I've done my best as an acquaintance to help you out since. I even forgave you for posting that thread on Author's Cafe after things blew over. But because of a number of reasons (you keep bringing it up, you don't really seem interested in what's going on with me, all the conversation we've had so far has really been about you, that kind of thing), I really don't foresee us being buddy-buddy. I'll be as civil and polite to you as I need to be, of course, but I just don't see us as friends and don't have a reason to start seeing us as such anytime soon. Sorry.
    You're welcome, man.

    Alright. I'll get to it. It's on a list of things I need to do, but I will get it done.
    Sorry I've left the last few VM's slide. The last two weeks were rough on me, just to say simply.

    Anyways, I am glad you're still revising your plot.

    Now, as to cutting Cheren and the others. Cutting characters is not a bad thing. Trust me. I went through the same process with Overthrown several times, making character cuts and altering the plot to be more simple. This is not a bad thing. Usually, it allows you to focus on the main plot and only the most significant side-plots, which means that more of your content is relevant to your story's plot. However, cutting too many characters at once might be a bit of an eye-brow raiser. Unless you have a solid reason to cut Helga (her mother, after all), and Bianca, that improves the story tremendously, I suggest at least moving them to a minor character role. So, your story doesn't seem completely different than the first version.

    As for Anthea and Concordia, I've no qualms about cutting them. They don't do much in the games, and you could easily make them minor characters or, cut them out as you're doing. So that's good.

    Matt, don't worry. Regardless as to if I reply, I do read everything that's sent to me and I take note of it. Listen, Matt. Don't ever feel like you can't rant or tell me what's up. I'll always reply to someone in need.

    Just take a few breaths, man. Calm yourself. You aren't a bad person. Not for making cuts to streamline your story, not for telling me what's bothering you, nothing. Just breathe.
    I have to look at two other fics, but I've been rather busy the last couple of weeks, so I haven't exactly gotten to them. So if I were to look at your own fic, it'll take a while.
    You're welcome! Glad you're enjoying so many things from my page, haha.

    Yeah, if they handled cattiness better it wouldn't be such an issue, though I still would question the necessity of it. Same goes for the humor thing, though the problem there is usually (not always though) dubs go too far. Like season 3 of YGO GX, which was pure gag dub. Which considering the original season was the darkest, most emotional one and had some LGBT themes, was really disappointing.

    I'm not sure about the Pokemon anime going gag route, but then again I'm not really sure what direction would be best to go. Better humor would be nice though. I could give you some more info about the anime side of things if you're interested. And I've never watched the Cardcaptors dub aside from like half of one episode as a kid, but I've never heard that good of things about it.
    The Digimon post I was telling you about: http://1dbad.tumblr.com/post/75848516420/on-the-digimon-characters-and-characterization-in-the
    Another post you might like: http://1dbad.tumblr.com/post/65080810451/heleentje-rhodanum-pikapower22-adreus
    It's talking about Yugioh GX/Zexal and Ace Attorney which you probably aren't that familiar with, but it talks about adapting vs translating, and makes a really good point about how video game translations are usually better than dub adaptations. The one thing I kinda disagree on is I don't think you need to change the names and location stuff to make it more accessible, but if that's all an adaptation does (like Ace Attorney) and everything else is the same as the original it's okay. And some name changes I don't mind, like some in Ace Attorney, Pokemon, and Digimon because their names are puns, so it makes sense to adapt.
    I read it too. :D So it's okay to just bump your thread with a review then? Will do. I see Weedy's already reviewed it as well, so I'll try to voice other things if I can.

    Yeah, Pokemon's full of puns in every language so it's not surprising. The added jokes weren't so bad, but I do prefer how they've been translating GSC-onward though. One thing I really like about their version is how full of personality everyone is, like Gold. I think Ruby and Sapphire are two really good examples of that. Viz consistently has Sapphire to talk in kind of a country way which is very fitting, and Ruby's even more fun than before with words like fantabulous thrown in. :D

    I see your found my Tumblr too by the way! :p Glad you like it and I see you're already working your way through my PokeSpecial tag lol. I also have tags for Sailor Moon, Yugioh (all series, and some talk about dub changes too), A:TLA (Avatar: The Last Airbender) and Korra, Pokemon, Digimon (including a post about the difference between dub and sub characterizations for Adventure/02), Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, Rockman.EXE, Shooting Star Rockman, ect. so you might want to look through those as well. And if you have trouble figuring out my tag for one just let me know and I can help. :)
    No, I read it on here, since you had a link to it. I don't have a FF.net account so I wouldn't be able to do it anyway, most likely. And if you'd like I can. I'm not exactly the best critic/reviewer though.
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