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  • Hey mate, you never got back to me. I've had the shiny Eevee and Pichu sorted for a while now, are we still okay to trade? And I was wondering if I we could change it to being for a DW female Poliwag and Eevee if we're still okay to trade?

    do you still have the any evolutionary stones for trade?,is there any items you are after? i also have grolithes with every nature possible if that helps
    Sounds fine to me, I will sort out getting them on to black later today, I have work from 8 while 4 30 so I should be back about 6 30. Night mate, talk to you soon.

    One of your posts said you were giving away a female DW Poliwag and Vulpix. I was wondering if you still had any for trade? I have a shiny Suicune and Raikou. I could get a shiny Eevee and a shiny Pichu quite sharpish.

    Does any of that interest you?
    I'm not telling you what you should or shouldn't like. It's just that once you get me started on ME, I can't stop. But I will try, for both our sanities.
    I am planning on playing that demo as soon as I get around to it. Probably the same day the ME3 demo comes out.

    Just saying, between both 1 and 2, I have over 500hrs of playtime. All on the one character. That said, I am sure you will like it.
    You haven't beat them? Although I own alot of games the only ones I really play are ME1/2 and Pokemon.

    Mass Effect is quite literally, the best game I have ever played. And ME3 is going to have multiplayer. Don't worry though, it won't interfere with the story at all, although it will influence it if you allow it too. Ah, I'll stop there. I could talk for hours about this franchise.
    As someone well versed in other languages, I say North American Football, and call Soccer Football. I am not your typical American, Matt.

    All that is cool. Mostly what I have been doing. Minus the parties. Not a big fan of large groups of people. Looking forward to ME3? I cannot stop thinking about it.
    Thanks. So, now you know what I've been up to, tell me, what about you? Any thrilling stories?
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