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  • I really don't evolve my shinies unless I have more then one I am thinking about evolving my extra shiny cyndaquail.
    ok I have caught 66 pokemon sorry it took so long I had to get enough money to buy enough quick balls so it was a little faster. I have about a hr before dinner if you want to start trading now or we can start after I eat dinner and do my chores
    Hey there~ Sorry to bother you! I was wondering if you got my last PM about the Zoruas? I still have the legends (and can breed the Egg Move/TM babies) that I mentioned. (1-for-1?) If you'd like the PM sent again, I'd be happy to do so.

    PM/VM me back if you're still interested?
    ok just tell me so I can start catching random pokemon and I take basically anything you are willing to give me but it would be cool if you could give me shinies or events but like I said I'll take basically anything
    hey matt36 ropav is very trustworthy he's migrated 3 times for me. he also migrated a shiny deoxys suicune and a couple lvl 100s he cool man
    just a mintute ago I had to migrate for bushie again and this time it was a shiny dexoys and lv 100 pokemon
    hey you can trust me I had to migrate a lv 90 shiny charizard,a shiny shaymin,a shiny dophan,and alot of events for people I didn't even think once of stealing them
    yea I have to agree with you on that I mean shinies in exchange for helping you evolve thats just crazy
    particularly interested in events and foriegn language pokemon, but if not i'll settle for a shiny, specially if it's a diamond/pearl gen pokemon :)
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