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Last Activity:
Jul 10, 2016
Aug 23, 2014
Likes Received:
April 16
Hong Kong

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Forgive me Giovanni, from Hong Kong

Matthewthemeowth was last seen:
Jul 10, 2016
    1. Musashi~
      Happy Birthday! :D
    2. MegaMaster#1
      I'm going to Japan too because I won an art competition!

      Yup but I felt sorry she didn't get to dance :(
    3. Skylander Sylveon
      Skylander Sylveon
      i REALLLLLLLLLLLLY want Bolt for a pet lol

      Didn't see it yet, but i really like Cilan! :D he's really irritating but that just makes him awesomer >:D

      fillers dont really bother me, actually... in my experience they're even more interesting then the story xD
    4. Koharu_Hinata
      I've heard about it, but haven't really been following it much.
    5. Pokegirl Fan~
      Pokegirl Fan~
      How come?
      I'm ok~
    6. Musashi~
      Aw.thank you! :)
      so,are you excited for the master class? :)
    7. MegaMaster#1
      Ha.Classes ew =.=

      Yeah but it got stopped to battle to Ash's excitement.
    8. Koharu_Hinata
      I see.
      I have more exams to come after the ones I just took....
    9. Musashi~
      You are lucky!
      Oh yeah.Lots of work.I am a very lazy girl who hates to study but still I have to read....even on my birthday( 22nd February) :(
    10. Skylander Sylveon
      Skylander Sylveon
      i want a pet meowth or a pet doraemon lmao

      my sibs hate cilan and im all like CMON! HE'S A CONOOSOIRIOIRthingy

      well i dont get to download much at all but after i finish best wishes, definitely >:P i like clemont already lol
    11. Koharu_Hinata
      What games? I didn't mention any games.
      Me too.
    12. Skylander Sylveon
      Skylander Sylveon
      hell yeah! :D meowth has always been my favourite since i was little, because i was tiny, had an annoying voice and was obnoxious just like him. >:B gweherbherbherb...

      i LOVE the best wishes series! ive only seen ten episodes and everyone hates iris and im all like OMG GUYS YOU'RE SUCH KIDS
      but snivy gets on my nerves >:( she's so tsundere and yandere and gah its so annoying!! (tepigs the best gwawhachwah)

      suppppppppppppppppp >:D
    13. Pokegirl Fan~
    14. Sheepy Lamby
      Sheepy Lamby
      No problem! How's Abenomics destroying helping Japan? lucky! send me some!
      Dumb? Who is dumb? looks at the mirror
      Did you watxh the last episode? TR really gave team flare a hard time! even that lazy Meowth they have :D
      sorry to hear that, but money's money!
    15. Koharu_Hinata
      It's the Otaku paradise!
      That's always a bummer....
    16. Musashi~
      Oh that's great!
      Nope.Exams haven't started Yet.They will start from March 2 and end on March 26. :(
    17. Pokegirl Fan~
      Pokegirl Fan~
      I don't mind it :3
    18. MegaMaster#1
      Yeah makes sense but thanks to anime I know what they mean ^^;
      It was a let down to AShippers but it was good.
    19. Koharu_Hinata
      That's nice, I'm so jealous! Did you go to Akihabara?
      I've been pretty busy.
    20. Skylander Sylveon
      Skylander Sylveon
      team rocket! :D ive only watched like ten episodes of best wishes and they've been trying to kidnap pikachu for like... 900 and something episodes now... but such steely determination! if only we were all like team rocket!

      how do i start these stupid conversations

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  • About

    April 16
    Hong Kong
    Favourite Pokémon:
    If you ask me "Who are you?"
    My answer will be the world's compassion
    To prevent the world's destruction
    To protect the world's peace
    I penetrate the evil of "love" and "truth"
    The lovely, charmy villain
    Flying across the galaxy, the man from Rocket Gang
    White Hole, a white tomorrow awaits me!
    What I said ~Sonansu

    Nah nah nah, just kidding.
    Anyway if you want to add me as friend, you are welcomed to do so.
    BTW does anyone know what is 'White Hole' ?

    In the forum, I often participate in the Amourshipping thread. You can send visitor messages and talk anything to me though.

    - 屈原 《離騷》

    Football, piano, computer and Pokemon of course


    The world is so nice, I think we shouldn't steal any Pokemon from now on~ ;202;