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  • wow i just saw your name on the official world championship site. lol of course it would be there but that must be awesome!
    Hey everybody! I just saved the battle video of the final match in the VCG tournament TR Jessie Put on. the number is 91 83735 90381. You should really watch it! It's between me and Greysong. He won, XD, but you should reeeeeeally watch it cuz it totally could have gone either way! It's a total nailbitter right down to the last crazy turn!
    sorry,i would love to, but i dont own a cell phone. and i want one but,1.) i dont have the money( because i dont have a job)2.) parents wont buy me one.
    also,i dont have any body to share a plan with.

    i do have an idea though,but idk if it will work.
    my cousin(the only one i talk about) has a cell phone with unlimeted text and you could text her and she could call me and i could post it. but i dont know what company she went with?(bell south,ect..)tell me if it will work and tell what to do if it will ;)
    "singles"... :/ dang....

    I'm training for the World Championship I'm in next week. It's doubles (although my 6 pokes actually work for singles too).

    I reeeeeeeally appreciate the offer, but I think I'll have to pass till after Worlds. I gotta stay focused on the finer points of the doubles metagame.

    Thank you so much for responding though. That was kind of you!
    Hey I saw ur post in the weather warriors league and I wanted to tell you that I'm online for a gym challenge
    :eek: wow!!!!!!!!, iv never heard of a class being that small, and i thout our school was small (actually, our county is whats small, our school is pretty big for a small town). our graduating class 2010 will have around 115 kids in it.

    about the classes, i definetly do not take the hard classes, i would f them all
    i know its gona sound i have low selfasteem, but im not that smart. they have me in some speacal ed classes. (like math) i think its beause when my ts was bad i think it messed with my learning
    Ha yeah! Me and Jesse are tight. Too bad he lives 2 1/2 hours away, but he just turned 16 and says he wants to get his license and a car right away so I FINALLY won't have to drive up there MYSELF all the time! XD

    Glad to hear the first day went well. Hope it keeps up. What kind of classes do you have? Do you go to a big or small school?

    I took all hard stuff (Calc, Phsics, Genetics, Anatomy...blah blah blah). And my school was iiiiiiiiiitsy bitsy! My graduating class was 26 people! XD

    Oh and if you liked that story just wait till worlds is over. ;D
    the funniest part about school is it seems like the begining of shcool keeps coming earlyer and earlyer and the end keeps geting later and later each year

    well, the first day was good, i hope it stays that way.

    that was an awesome story. you seem to be very close to your cousin. i used to be really close to my cousin( the one that i said got me back into pokemon). the funniest part is, she never really did ever like pokemon that much wich stinks because i never had any bodyelse that liked pokemon
    well, tomarow is my first day back to school. its my senior year :)
    im kinda strest out though. but i'll be fine

    i wish you the best of luck at world.

    btw, where did you go to regonals at.
    sorry so sloppy im on my wii. i leave 4 SD next wednesday. tournament starts friday i think? final 4 on saturday.

    yeah im 24 so i really was worried about playing younger teens, but actually at nationals all but 2 in my group were 18+up.

    I guess its no secret but im using a sunny day sweepers team. SD for the power + max speed on all pokes. I also have 2 alternate pokes (you bring 6 but only use 4 at a time) that really counter my weaknesses efficiently. so far its tested good. i win most on pbr/ds wifi battles and im currently at 105 straight wins in the Platinum Battle Tower with my main 4 pokes.

    yeah you can bet youll be required to use hgss in next years vgc. its lots of fun 4 sure but in reality its all about boosting sales. guess they gotta make $ somehow? XD
    so,when is world

    i cant believe your going to beat up on little kids,you should be ashamed of your self... just kiding, i saw the post where you talked about how you didnt want make little kids sad if you won, i was just mesin with you

    what type of team have you been using this far,i was going to use the ever populr trick room team but it wasnt good

    do you think thell do next years vgc with h.g. and s.s. they probably will, to ploy you into geting the newist game. but i was planing on geting it anyway
    I go to a United Pentecostal Church. I've got lots of friends that are CoC though :D. Cool Stuff :D

    Does the T.S. still affect you?
    im so glad i found you on this site. i know that i sound like a kiss up, but im serious. i dont have that many friends (wich arnt that nice to me any way), and its nice to talk to someone who likes somthing i like(your pretty much the only person i know that likes pokemon as much as i do)
    because i had T.S. when i was a kid, it was hard to make friends and then made me super bashfull for the rest of my life.

    what type of church do you go to. i go to a non-liberal church of christ
    Yeah, no problem. I could help you with a VGC team for next year. That sounds fun! :D I have tons of ideas that I just didn't have time to breed/train/level up!
    you should definitely get wii sports resort, i got it yesterday, and it is a great game.

    i still think that its so cool that you made world, I would help you practice but i never figured out how to make a good doubles team, and im not that great because i never practiced

    if you didnt know, i didnt even go to regionals in Tennessee besause my parents forced me to go to one of my family members wedding, lame!!!! but it wasnt that bad because it was fun talking to family i dont see that often.

    if you dont mind maby when its time for the vgc again, you could give me some pointers on how to bread and make a good team. if i can even make to regionals. if its not in the area of kentuky or TN i probably cant go any way, did i mentioned i dont drive.
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