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  • My username is Blobby300 on GameFAQS, I used to post regularly in the Diamond boards, but my account got banned for spamming in the Kingdom Hearts boards lol
    I've known Serebii since the start of 2000 as we both frequented the #pokemasters at the time. I was also an aop/sop in his chatroom #spp on webchat as well as doing one update for him on the site back in 2000. At the time he would have been 12/13 so maybe not a kid but kid sounds better I think.

    I've also known facetious since 2001 and he would have been about 12/13 back then as well.So technically not a kid, but kid sounds so much better I think. Once again that was back at TPM which of course was the serebii of the pokemon online world back in 2000/2001. Jay as he was known back then was into adopting pokemon. Isn't that cute?
    hey matty i was wondering if you would be able to trade me a bulbasaur charmander and squirtle get back to me whenever later
    It comes from the BBC sitcom Hyperdrive. There was an episode where one of the characters was on a reality TV show and pressed her body against a camera saying 'Do you want some smut, too?'
    Way to show maturity, Matty m'boy.

    And technically, my name is from The Doctor from Doctor Who. So in that respect, I'm 900 years old, have two hearts, rule over time and space and can regenerate whenever I killed.
    TPM stands for the pokemasters. As it use to be thepokemasters.com then it was pokemasters.com now its pokemasters.net

    Basically it was the big site for pokemon sites back in 2000 and 2001 you can access it via archives.net I could link you but someone may see this as me merely advertising or something. But anyway it was big like serebii.net but well the webmaster got lazy and stuff and became uninterested in it all.

    Serebii.net survives because 1. it still has a site but more importantly 2. Serebii is still interesting in pokemon and maintaining the website.

    But anyway tpm stands for the pokemasters or just plain pokemasters.
    Soon as you stop trying to tell me what I can and can't post. I'm breaking no rules in letter or in spirit. If people can't handle their ideas being dissected and criticized then they shouldn't post them in the first place.
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