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  • Well, a classic Europa League final between 2 La Liga teams- Bilbao VS Atletico Madrid! I'm definitely attending the finals in Romania!
    Llorente, boy, Llorente! Hahaha, sorry dude, but I warned before the match that Bilbao at home is a tough match.
    Good luck! It's going to be a good game! Just remember, Bilbao are really difficult to beat at home, so ya, but good luck!
    Well, yeah...I've already ordered a ticket to the Allianz Arena on the Bayern Munich website...my dad will haveta pay for that :)
    Ah, get over it :) You guys have a shot at winning Euro 2012, but I think either Germany or Spain will win that
    Yeah, I do, but the Camp Nou is the stadium I visit the most, I spectated Barca at Camp Nou 67 times so far.
    I'll sit and watch the match then :) Hahaha, it's just a few stadiums :) You going to the Allianz Arena on May 19th?
    I'm going to the Allianz Arena to spectate the CL Finals. It's going to be a crakcer! I'm going with my black Messi jersey :) I may go see the Europa League finals too. You'll be there?
    I've yet to visit stadiums in foreign countries, though :O Okay, I lied, I visited the BayArena in Germany to see the Leverkusen V Barca game which we won 3-1 and I visited the San Siro twice, where we won 3-2 and drew 0-0
    Yeah, said I was going to watch the Rayo VS Barca match at the Campo de Fútbol de Vallecas on April 29th, which is the only ground in Spain I haven't visited yet. Google Translator...huhuhu.
    I don't understand German. Japanese is a really interesting language, though, カンポ ・ デ ・ futbal に思って・ デ ・ ラヨ VS バルセロナを見に Vallecas !
    I used to speak a mixture of Catalan and English, like: Chelsea is going down, Bayern guanyarà!
    I'm trying to practice English a lot, though, cuz most forums I'm on are English forums. You should have seen more a year ago typing English XD
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