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  • Ho usato per essere come quello, quando ero 19 e 20 anni, ma intorno gli ultimi 2 anni mi sono dedicato all'apprendimento di tutte le lingue differenti.

    I used to be like that when I was 19 and 20 years old, but around the last 2 years I became dedicated to learning all the different languages.

    Oops, I didn't mean to type Sorta in my Portuguese sentence :)
    I understand you, but not perfectly...let me try: Eu posso falar inglês, catalão, espanhol, francês, japonês e holandês, mas eu sempre sorta tive um problema com o português
    Yeah, we speak Catalan on a daily basis, and some people outside of Catalonia also understand us but don't speak it XD Vaig visitar al Camp Nou per al número 100 hora o així el dimarts i que vaig estar allà, portava meu jersey Fabregas Barca i agitant la bandera de Barca alt en l'aire. L'home, que va ser una decebedora derrota.
    I don't care about Spanish Clubs that aren't Barca, really, and Barca's a Catalan club anyway. Do you understand Catalan?
    Bayern all the way, avenge Barca! The only way Chelsea will win is if they play dirty and stick 20 players in the penalty box like they did against us, cause they knew they couldn't beat us, so yeah. And, if they do that to Bayern, they'd have won the CL by playing dirty, so no reason for them to be happy. Stupid cunts.
    That's okay, Portugal's a good team, Ronaldo and Pepe aint good players XD Spain, because it's my country, and Argentina are my two national teams.
    I mean on the Internet XD Well yeah, I'm kinda anti-Portugal too, cause I don't want Ronaldo and Pepe, especially Ronaldo, to win anything XD Soo, even, then?
    If your guess was that because we were eliminated from the CL by Chelsea, then yeah...Oh, you're from Portugal? Okay! That's okay, I actually don't have much friends that support Barca, but once you're not a Madrid fan, I'm good XD
    I'm good, but a bit bad at the same time...I saw that you're also a football ( soccer ) fan, so I dropped by.
    Well I am looking for members to support the ranks of team sky. But as it stands I am in need of more Leaders of the clan. I am offering you the position of press release leader in our clan. We do not have a clan page up as of now but we will very soon. Can I count you in?
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