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  • yo my bad but i dont have a wireless internet connection at my house....i gotta go to tha town center to play online, so lets arrange it someother day!!!=] again, sorry
    By the way, you got myspace???
    Sorry, my internet was acting up and i couldnt get on the firums to see that that had posted and get y our friend code. As soon as i hit send it started going wrong. Ill add you now though and ill be on all day
    remember when i had my mismagius out on the first turn? I was actually about to taunt mesprit but i decided to just shadow ball :/ but i think you TR'd twice so I couldn't do ne thing about that it anyway
    once i get my new team done (which should be in a few days) i'll try to battle u again. But i need some TMs and that battle tower just takes sooooo long. and when u lose you go all. the. way. back. lol
    Thank you. of course, Taunt is my weakness. If I ever see a Pokemon with Taunt then I won't use Trick Room and attack.
    response to forum: yup ur team is sweet. good ev training and movesets. just watch out for ppl who use taunt. (im one of them)
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