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  • I'm have been laying on the coach using my phone to post that is why I am slow and good your there:)))!!!
    Yeah, thankfully a book fairs coming to my school next week (whoo!!!!!!!!)

    Anyways, I just made a Pokemon.com account ^^
    Ah, thanks god its Friday. I got FOB blasting, uh, something else >_>, and its all good :D

    Anyways, I'm bored talk to me (Or else <.>)
    It looks hard.. "= game" Is easy because you really don't do anything.
    Yeah some are are okay. I remember there was this one sub who loved to watch Jon and Kate plus 8 and she talked a lot about the show... It was kinda funny..
    I know.. Is really sad to hear in the news when something bad happens to girls/boy and they didn't do anything bad..
    so bad or good? i don't normally use the term ghetto i would say my last name but i don't want everyone on serebii to know it lol ;-)
    i just have to get a new usb cord then i can post my pic lol were is jersey even at in the us? east south north west?
    I know.. And wanting you to open the new thread even when they don't care about the fact that GG might get mad at you or something else..
    That what one of my substitute teacher did in my World Geography class when I was in high school.. Guys asked perverted questions but the teacher was more perverted then us guys! For some reason we were talking about abortion and child pornography.. Yeah I learned some stuff too about my classmates (I feel bad for that girl who got raped at age 4)
    i was checking out your homepage and it is weird havinng a conversation with 3 people at once you must be popular on serebii lol
    I know! Nevermind I'm going to kill Juan... I can't handle using to many characters!
    It reminds me of that commercial of Geico and the money has eyes and that Somebody Watching Me song goes on!
    Really? that's hilarious if that happened to me I will tell her if she likes pickles because supposedly Snooki likes pickles
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