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  • Hahaa x) That's funny how you said it.
    Have you tried perhaps using the Shape Tools on Word to make a character?? It could really work for you x) Try it, start with a Jigglypuff & get back to me whenever you've had an attempt ^.^

    What are STAB Moves anyway?? Does it stand for something?? Wouldn't ViceGrip be a STAB Move??
    How about we both design an Evolution for Mawile & Sableye to be finished by next week? Then take a picture of them and PM them to eachother?! xO That'd be fun x)
    What do you think?! :)

    Mawile lures it's prey in with it Cute-Looks right, why not have it's Evolution lure it's prey in with it's Beauty x)
    & I would make Sableye's Evolution look more edgier; Crystal Stalactites or something like that, if not, it's Gemstones could be Dome-Like x)
    I hope laura or jordan wins! That would be an interesting twist. I would like someone from my favorite side of the house to win~~The "left out" alliance is what I call them. I hate Chima and Ronnie so much.
    Aww Lileep Desk Lamp o_O...Must-Have-One-Now!! *Breathe*.
    That sounds soo Aweshum x)

    I dunno why Mawile is less popular than Sableye; But my best guess is that since most people got Ruby instead of Sapphire, Sableye was unvailable to them, which would make it a desirable- It usually typical in Human Nature to want something you cannot have-
    It's what happened to me as I couldn't get Mawile on Sapphire I extremely longed to have one, same goes for Zangoose now x(
    Also, although Mawile has much better Attack than Sableye, Sableye has pretty much the same stats' as Mawile [minus the Attack] & has no weaknesses. Another point would be that Dark Types' tend to be very popular amongst the typicals'.

    I love them both as much anyways x) Mawile~x~Sableye x)
    I think they are the hottest girls on the show. Especially Jordan :p Also me and jordan have the same birthday. And o you remember JAmes from big brother 9? He had my birthday too. Big Brother 10 sucked. Everyone was so bland. :p
    I'd Love to have Furniture & Decor based on Pokemon that is un-tacky-
    Unfortunately in this world that is a impossible.
    I'd like those Mawile Wall Lamps' you mentioned, those Zigzaggon & Spinda Pillows from Ruby&Sapphire, a SudooWoodo Coat Hanger, a Bonsly Doorstop, a little Pine-Scented Pineco & a cute little Sableye Nutcracker x) That'd be fab x)

    Thankyou x) I made sure they looked right as a Team-
    I know Lileep isn't actually a Water-Type but I mean come on, it's a Sea Lilly & learns a ton of Water-Type Moves x) Go Lileep, Breaking the Maximum of two types per Pokemon- Same goes for Sableye, it is Ghost & Dark but had Gemstones all over it's body & eats stones x) it should really be a Dark & Rock Type, but Hey i ain't complaining since it has no weaknesses x)
    Sounds like my Worst Nightmare, which I mean in the best way possible x)
    It's looking aweshum in my head x) Yummy lol.
    I love the Mawile Inspired Lanterns' x) I really want some for my room, Heke ^.^
    & where you [aka the Gym Leader] is sounds fun & adorable x)

    Did you get my PM?? Like my Gym Team?? x)
    Steel-Type Gym xO !! That's cool x)
    With Mawile as your Trademark Pokemon :)

    I got the Pokemon Sprites and put them onto a Word Document to see if they looked good together & matched my theme x) I'll show you via PM x)

    Explain your Gym Decor/Layout more to me!! I'm real interested.
    Like what is the flooring and walls' like, what is the theme behind the typing & explain the trainer confrontations through mirrors' more, I got confused on that part x)
    Thankyou x) I Lika My Gym x)

    Yeah Gorebyss is a parasitic Pokemon that stabs it's Mouth into it's prey's body & drains the Pokemon's Body Fluids...o_O, You see now why I prefer Huntail?! Haha-
    I've always prefer Huntail to be honest actually x)

    I wish I could be a Gym Leader -_-' Sooo Bad. They could at least make a Game as being a Gym Leader on the DS. It could work, well perhaps.
    Maybe if there is a 5th Generation you'll get to choose if your a Trainer, a Ranger, a Breeder or a Gym Leader- So for a Gym Leader you'd start as a Student x)
    You would work up the ranks'- Trainer=Badges', Student=Grades", Ranger=Missions & Breeder=Ribbons'. x)

    What do you think??
    Yeahh, Your Spinda wouldn't get Confused after using Thrash.
    It's like my Relicanth on Emerald, it can use Double Edge without getting Recoil Damage due to it's ability Rock Head x).

    Gimme 2 Days & I'll catch up x) Pleeaassee *v* [Glistening Eyes Haha].
    Cannot wait to get to Fallabour Town x) !!

    I just finished my post on the 'If you were a Gym Leader...' Thread x)
    Wanna read it?? It's Goood x) Yay.

    Norman annoys me too!! I like the Japanese-Style Gym though x)
    & I HATE Slakings', they are [along with Bidoof & Bibarel] one of the worst Pokemon ever made. I do really like Slakoth & Vigoroth though x) Cuute.
    You're at Norman already?! o_O.
    Well i'm waiting to get my DS back since it has been confiscated so i'm still in Slateport x) I thought you were a slow-player like me?! x) Haha.
    Yeah so i've only got 2 Badges x( Darn Yew
    Cradily was my First Ever Ancient Pokemon, & I haven't had 1 since so i'm defo going to have her in my Team of 10; i like to challenge myself & plus i love actually training so x).

    Refia, my Goldeen is pretty much [unfortunately] just a backup until a get a Corsola [I feel mean >.<], so i'll be using her for other activities - Contests', Waterfall. I still Love her x).

    I need an Ice-Type to help with the Dragons' of the Elite Four & Glalie is one of my Faves' in that department so Glalie is in.

    I really like Shelgons' but I'm not Keen on Salamence x) & plus they have amazing defense & no weaknesses except Ice & its kind.

    I'm going to have to scavenge for a GameBoy-GameCube Connection Cable so i can get my Zangoose off XD.
    I must chastice you; do not feed the trolls.

    I guess I've been lacking in my duties to keep the trolls fed. I will remember to keep them locked up at night.
    My Final Team will be, [Ones' marked with Stars' are Definite]

    Blaziken*, Gardevoir*, Beautifly*, Sableye*, Corsola/Seaking & Glalie.

    I usually Train up a Team of 10 and Mix 'n' Match them though, but i'm unsure of the outcome for this Game. I'll maybe have a Zangoose [if I can EVER get one], Kingdra/Shelgon, Cradily & Seviper. But what I said first are going to be my Main Team.
    I would say Spinda or Spoink, as they are better than Sandshrew/Sandslash.
    Spoink excels in both Special Stats very well & Spinda is a good all-rounder which would give you access to Moves that you couldn't achieve due to your Small Team's Typing through TMs'- Such as Electric & Ice.
    & Plus, they both suit the Aesthetics that i'm receiving from the description of your team x) Why not have both?? Compromise bettween 4 & 6 which is 5 :L or not, but i'd say definetively those two x)
    Yeaahh, You gotta admit though, Goldeen has a amazingly suiting Move-Pool to go with it's Stats'. Great Attack - Horn Attack, Mega Horn, Waterfall...
    It Works, Well x)
    Oh, i'd hold back until Lv 40 to make Surskit evolve; as it excels in Speed, Sp.Def & Sp.Atk.
    Unlike Masquerain which only excels in Sp.Atk and all other Stats are rounded x/.

    Do you know what confuses me? Goldeen only learns one Water attack at like Level 38, which is Waterfall...Strangee o_O, you'd think with all that time spent in the water Ey? lol. Oh and it's weird that i'll have a Gardevoir in like 6 Level ups' Heke x)
    I'm still trying to put together my team =/. These are the pokemon I have, or that I want in my still-forming team:

    -Nidoqueen (obviously I have it lol)
    -Zangoose (I want one on my team so bad, It's my 2nd favorite pokemon)
    -Treecko (I want one on my team. I'd probably would evolve it, but I like Treecko better than its evolutions =/)
    -Miltank (Have it)
    -Sandslash (I want one cuz it looks cool =D)
    -Grumpig (Same as above)

    I'm having trouble with the movesets for my Nidoqueen and other pokemon. I can't decide what I want to teach them, or what kind of style I want my team to be =/...but the answer will come to me with time.

    What about your team? ;)
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