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  • Yes x) I suppose they are xP Heke

    What's your Team now then [Pokemon, Names & Levels]?? Mine is:

    Combusken [Irenzia Lv 23], Kirlia [AvantGarde Lv 23], Beautifly [Papi'Leona Lv 23], Sableye [Obsidia Lv 21] & Goldeen [Refia Lv 21].

    I've gotten my 2nd Badge from Brawly & just arrived in Slateport City x) Ready to face those 'Ugly Mugs'' known as Team Aqua in the Oceanic Museum xP - This is when they start having Carvanah x( Ouchie. Yourself??
    Teach your Minions Moves' that'll strike Awe & Fear in your Opponents...It's Satisfying xP

    I taught my Combusken 'Bulk Up' as it helps bulid up on an already Powerful Stat & betters her defence x).

    By the way...I'ma Sorry x( But I think i'm becoming more of a Sableye Fan xO x'( x)
    Think of Spinda!! What about the POOR SPINDA!! x(
    Surskit will never be able to Flit around the Meadows outside Verdunturf as a Masquerain.
    Your 'Dad''s Arse will never get kicked by 'Yourself Truly'.
    You'll never take foot on the Ashey Grasses before Fallabour Town o_O
    And for the 'Love of Pokemon' THINK OF YOUR CHICKEN!! xO


    Did that Help?? x)
    That's enough now - the thread is for discussing the information released, not for arguing over people's opinions on nostalgia or whatnot.

    Continue with it, and you'll get an infraction - get on topic, please.

    Any more talk regarding NOSTALGIA and any related matter will only get their posts deleted. Also, you've been warned. If you really want infractions and get banned, just say so. We are willing to give you.

    This isn't the right place for such arguments.
    Please. Stop. Let's move on.
    I love it when moderators argue amongst themselves.
    Guten Tag! x)
    How are you getting along in your Pokemon Ruby?? I haven't been playing it for a week but i've gotten my 1st Badge and am on Dewford Isle; My Torchic evolved, Aswell as my Ralts and all my three Pokemon are Level 23. I'm currently trying to catch a Sableye as I am strangely drawn to them for once o_O & then i'll be aiming for my 2nd Gym Badge x)
    Good on you!! Yeah, I think it's pathetic when guys' get an all Male Team, and come up with some scummy excuse that they're better than Females'! - Sexist Tw@s', Haha.
    I'm having an equal gendered Team so that i'm not being Biased.
    But anyway, show those boys' what the girls' have got x)
    Not sure yet, Half of my Team will be female except my Croconaw & Magby/Magmar so I'll probably get another male friend for them, that being Snubbull/Granbull...
    I'm prepared to find one, i have patience with me x) Can't Waiit!!
    Errm...Cause it's like one of my Favourite Pokemon.
    I said that I'd evolve it into a Granbull ya'know x)
    & it's one on the short list of Pokemon i've never had & Love T.T Can't Wait x)
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