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  • I raised a Trapinch on Emerald and now it's a Incredible Flygon [named Destiny lol].
    Knows Fire Blast and is really strong, I Love it x)
    It's a nice one to have x)
    Yeah, I know exactly where you are coming from- I desperately want an Oddish on my Team which'll eventually be a Vileplume x), but I feel I can't because i'm definitely going to have one on my future SoulSilver Game >.<
    You either feel you can't because you've done it before or because you want to do it in the future x)
    Yeah, I was surprised when I found a Surskit on Route 102 whilst training my Silcoon which I had caught in Petalburg Woods, didn't catch it though for obvious reasons. Found my Ralts much sooner than I expected x)

    And talking about having different teams like you getting a Spinda, i'm going to Catch [probably trade a breeded one from Emerald when I find one] a Corsola and have it on my final team x) Might do the same with a Mawile as i've always wanted to play through a whole story with one.

    Not particulary sure what else will be on my Team though. Hmmm.
    What you thinking of having for your Final Team??
    o_O What a coincidence! Haha x)

    Haven't got any badges yet and have been playing it for 21hrs exactly. Playing it at my pace x) My current team? Lv18 Torchic [Irenzia], Lv19 Ralts [AvantGarde] & Lv16 Beautifly [Papi'Leona].
    Currently training on Route 116, Where have you been training? What's your Team?
    Heeyy x)
    Ermm...Nothing much, trying to reach 20 posts to get a Boulder Badge.
    Started a new game on Sapphire.
    And as usual, majorly anticipating HeartGold & SoulSilver-
    Looked at the new updates on the main site yet? You gotta check out the Trailer on the Official Japanese Pokemon Website [be warned though it's kind of a spoiler].
    Thanks For Accepting my Friend Request x)
    How's YOUR Mawile doing Haha;
    Can't wait to trade it to SoulSilver and Walk with it on the Bridge on Route 32 x) Wow.
    But... I'm playing Video Games. D=
    Wait, what? They remade the speculation thread too?
    I'll get to it soon...

    (Why do I feel like a prophet or something now? o.o)
    Omg. me and the pregnant girl live like 10 minutes from cumberland county
    Awesome. x) Obviously I'm from Bridgeton.
    after you make the card, you have to save it onto your computer, upload it to an image hosting site, then input it into your sig betwen
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