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  • OH i meant all my friends on my 2ds are people from a forum i didn't have a good experience on

    sorry for the confusion

    anyways gonna see if my handheld updated now :)
    yeah its neat...o.o

    i might do the battle chatou on my y if i don't figure out how the battle systum works again...

    Want to tell me some of your favorite things about your favorite pokemon, then? While i wait for someone else to accept my offer for an online pokemon battle.

    My favorite thing about pikachu and mew as although they're cute, they're very badass! mew even more so to me, cuz it's pink and always happy and can fly and use any move.

    After pikachu and mew, i'm a lucario fan. Due to korrina having it as a signature pokemon, for now, but yeah with my love for her it counts :p
    Ohhh! awesome your favorite pokemon is hydreigon, since i'm still named after him xD So, uh, hey :p I feel like having a wifi pokemon battle with a member here right now. Wanna fork over your friend code and be my first opponent? And i think i want a geno 6 battle, so i can use my mega lucario. lol
    Did your question on 20 questions mean to be whether it's always male? Some pokémon can be either, yannow.
    You're welcome! :p

    I do. Bulbapedia is one of my preferred Pokémon info sources. I don't have a Bulbagarden account, though.
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