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  • There is another tidbit that practically confirms the time travel theory: Chieko described herself as a "ball miester" (Kurt's profession). She stayed in Azalea even after the Ilex Forest event to play more games, and after the first rematch she gave the player three Apricorns and mentioned her profession.

    There is a chance that the webmaster of that fansite still has Chieko in their game (I'm not sure if she ever disappeared after the news was no longer about the GS Ball). Either way, they may be able to provide her dialogue, so I'm going to contact them.

    On a somewhat unrelated note, why on earth didn't Pokémon Special incorporate Chieko? Did Kusaka honestly think that Kurt being forced by Pryce to create the GS Ball was a better idea? Lame.
    Yes. The Battle Tower could only be accessed when the GBC was connected to the Mobile System server. It worked like the Wi-Fi Battle Tower now.
    Here are Pokemon Zeo's April CoroCoro scans. If to be honest, I don't think any page was omitted, so it seems that CoroCoro's coverage was partial. I need to confirm if there is anything there about Chieko, but she's certainly absent from the screenshots. What's interesting is that their May coverage (which as you know is actually from April) mentions "speculation" about the Mobile Adapter system, but the page doesn't work...

    A few days ago I asked Masuda what the Ruins of Alph mystery means, and he said that "Alph" is derived from "alphabet". I think he was deliberately trying to annoy me.
    I didn't notice an important detail: The event with Chieko happened in the Azalea Pokémon Center. Kurt's granddaughter, Maisy, is called Chie in Japanese. Could Chieko be a time traveling Chie?

    Do you have access to the Japanese text dump? I suspect the event with Chieko wasn't pre-programmed, but I'd like to be sure.
    I'll take a gamble and assume that you're interested.

    The process to obtain the GS Ball differed between April and May, and then again in August (I know from another website that the August distribution didn't even require the 16 badges). From what I can tell, Chieko was actually a character in the PCC (Serebii definitely got that wrong), who in April tested the player with a game of rock, paper and scissors, and in May used a different game of rolling a dice. After that, Chieko checked whether or not the player had all badges, and if they did, she would ask them a series of Yes/No question (five questions in April and eight in May). The April questions tested the player's heart, whereas the May questions tested the player's memory. The May questions weren't anything special (fairly standard questions about Johto locations, and not even about the most interesting ones), but the April questions were quite interesting:

    1) Should Pokémon be protected and rescued by people other than their owners? [Yes]
    2) If a Pokémon is afraid of a person, is it the person's fault? [Yes]
    3) Is there a goal for a person who likes Pokémon beside being a trainer? [Yes]
    4) Is a child a weaker trainer than an adult is? [No]
    5) Do you think that the legends from the days of old are all a lie? [No]

    If the player answered all five questions correctly, he was said to be a "splendid trainer with a strong, right heart" and was then given the GS Ball by the nurse upon leaving the PCC (only this was part was localized).

    Now I want to find Chieko's sprite; she wasn't one of the permanent characters in the PCC. She seems to be a very mysterious character.
    I was wrong about the Japanese fansites - this page is excellent. If you're interested in a translation, let me know (I understand most of the details, and I'm asking for a professional translation from someone I know).

    The bottom line is that the GS Ball event wasn't fully translated; only the very last part in the PCC was carried over to the non-Japanese versions. Some of the questions in the quiz were quite interesting in my opinion.
    Do you happen to remember the exact way the GS Ball was obtained in Japanese Crystal? According to this page, the process involved a game called Chieko and Dice, as well as a quiz. I'm assuming that this was done over the News Machine, which is why the data for the game and quiz isn't found in the cartridge. Do you have any idea what the game and quiz were about? The Japanese fansites are surprisingly unhelpful.
    Except it's not. Waiting a month to see copyrightedis perfectly just, and is in no way crippling the fanbase.
    Black and White were totally new games with all new pokemon. Nintendo wanted that surprise factor to boost sales and has all the right in the world to censor leaked information.
    and im sure some people consider your constant feminine-like whining to be offensive as well
    Yeah. In that case, it is pretty annoying considering that leaks are/were posted all the time and they never cracked down on them when they were being revealed in Japan.

    But yeah, sorry about the rant. I respect people's opinions about the new Pokemon, of course; I just thought that you were ranting about 5th gen being an incredible disappointment, and I tend to draw the line when people relentlessly complain about something (more often than not in video games; people will complain about the worst things) and refuse to acknowledge anything else, but since you don't feel that way and you seem to look past what you don't like (as I said before, there weren't that many 4th generation Pokemon that I like, but I still thought that the game itself was enjoyable), you did not deserve that rant.
    Oh really?

    lol now I kinda feel dumb. I remember Nintendo doing that, but since the games have come out for a while and Pokemon sites have begun to post stuff again, I didn't think it was relevant and I thought you were going on about Pokemon B/W again.

    Sorry about my rant and my sig (even though I will admit that I was annoyed when you did post that kind of stuff on the BW pre-release forums, but that's irrelevant now).
    Not necessarily with Eeveeloutions, but everything to do with you acting ostensibly bitter about 5th gen because it doesn't fulfill your ridiculous expectations and then claim that it's Nintendo's fault for not listening to the fans even though it would turn out a hundred times worse than you make it out to be.

    I would be fine with you not liking the 5th generation or the new Pokemon if you didn't see the need to write a whiny open letter where you pretty much complain about the 5th generation (which is most likely what you were talking about, seeing as you complained about minute stuff in the prerelease thread) being horrible because people like you apparently can't keep an unbiased view on any new Pokemon game.

    None of the generations are perfect. I didn't like 4th generation, for example, save for a few Pokemon and general polishing of the mechanics. The difference is that I'm modest about my opinion, whereas you parade about how much you dislike the new Pokemon in your sig. On top of that, at one point said that anyone who genuinely liked the new Pokemon was "fanwanking" instead of accepting that people have opinions different than yours.

    That's really the gist of it: You have unrealistic expectations over a game that you never had control over to begin with, and, instead of accepting that the 5th generation is less than you expected and waiting for the games to be released out of Japan to judge it by what it is instead of what it isn't, you write a open letter calling out Nintendo for the obviously heinous crime of trying to make an enjoyable game.
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