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  • ripping a page out of a book is not the same from rapping a woman.

    I'm glad that want to end the argument, I've been getting tired of arguing too.
    I don't think I'm a "fanatic". Atheism is usually never my top subject. I just saw a Christian Club and i thought "Hay, why not an atheist club?" And then i also found the debate forum. I don't really discuss those things out of those two places, becuase i respect them. The night i took a page out of the bible was becuase we were all having fun, and it just sort of happened. Now tell me you haven't done something like that before? it's not like I've been posting "Down with Christians! Lets blow up a church!" No, i respect them. I respect them, but i disagree with them. I would never go up to a Christian and go "your stupid cuz you don't believe in God," you just think that becuase i disagree with something i don't respect them.

    I don't need you complaining to me "You destroyed a bible! your a horrible person!" I am part of an anti-bullying and an anti-drug club that i have after school; i was in an 8th grade leadership crew when i was in Jr high which meant i basically helped out with dances, buying supplies for the school (which was my my main job), cleaning up the school, and all that; i give money to the poor at a church. You think i would do those things if i didn't respect people? Almost everybody i meet are Christians, yet i respect them. If i knew the owner of that Bible, would i have tore a page out? No, but it wasn't even owned by a person. they were in everyone's room during my field trip.

    the problem is that i understand you, i know how you are offended, but you can't look at my side. There is more to my life than what i post on the internet. Sure, i made the Atheist Club, and I've tore a page out and spit in a bible but There are worse Atheist and Christians out there.

    You call me a Christian Hater. Yes i am, but i also hate all religions. But the difference between other religions and Christianity is that it's always trying to dominate the others. I hate Christian extremist, but hate any kind extremist, even atheist extremist.
    his is a reply from what you posted in AzukanAsimbu's VM (someone has never heard of the PM):

    I've never burned a Holy Book. I tore a page out. Now your lying. Don't call me idiotic. I've read the bible several times, i know what Christians believe.

    The point that AzukanAsimbu made was that the Christian Extremist like to burn books that isn't their own. It's sort of like a sense of revenge, a common thing that Atheist do. We destroy Holy Books as an act of symbolism. It's not actually an official practice or anything but thats basically what it is. We do it becuase many Christians have. African Americans have their own month becuase of what the white people did, we miss around with are least favorite book. You make such a big ****ing deal about it when it really isn't.

    No one ever said that all Christians burn books. Stop putting words in our mouths just becuase you assume things.
    1. So, your angry becuase i try to avoid flamewars in my club? I don't allow non-atheist to join in the club (unless your a mod) becuase it don't want fights.

    2.If your talking religious matters without trying to dis-respect my beliefs, you wouldn't start off the conversation with "how does it feel to have no morality?" Which is plain rude and spammy.

    3. Okay, you took it way to seriously. Atheist can joke too. Sure, i actually did that but it was in the middle of the night, everyone was peppy and having fun and i was dared. Everyone's violated or done graffiti to something in their life, and a lot never paid them back. The hotel never noticed. Was i encouraging it? Not really, since i had a :p at the end of it. You really otta watch for those.

    4. Do i always act like I'm the victim? No, becuase i wasn't the one who tried to pick an argument. If you don't like what i did, complain to a Christian Club or a religious website. Just don't come and attack me like I'm some evil monster.
    So wait, first you tell me to respect others beliefs but you say I'm a coward for keeping my beliefs in my club and not trolling around and arguing with Theist? Fine, if you really want me to, I'll go to the Christian club and "express my opinions" over there.

    What do you mean by "you can't admit your wrong?" What have i done wrong?

    I'm beginning to think your more of a troll every post. You say that it's cowardly not to go around arguing about things. That's what trolls do.
    Actually your the hypocrite. I in fact made a club for it. I'm not the one going around and bashing people's beliefs in VMs. I made a place where i do it, and if you disagree with my club don't look in it. Easy as that. Unless, you went looking just for an argument, which is what trolls do? Are you a troll? If not, don't look into my club and don't send me retarded VMs. I try to respect others beliefs, but not until they repsect mine first. Have you respected my beliefs? Obviously not, becuase you've sent me VMS which i count as offensive and i might as well tell a Mod.

    Stop acting like I'm the hypocrite, becuase all I'm doing is the thing that people like you have done. I at least keep it in the boundary of my club, signature, and the Debate forum.

    Btw, don't call my "your boy"
    I hope you don't mind me randomly commenting, but to answer your question in the December Plot Discussion thread I believe the guy is the director of White's commercial.
    look who's talking. the guy trying to quasi pass himself off as a girl. u r in the closet. here's the prescription: talk to your priest.
    Haha, so you put your nightmare under the name 'NegaiShipping' in your signature? Wow, that's real smart. <_<
    You're preventing two people who love each other and who agree to be with each other from signing a piece of paper that grants them the same rights and privileges as a heterosexual married couple, all because these two people are the same gender.

    And you don't consider that discrimination, how?

    You also have no evidence to say that marriage isn't "right" for gays, especially considering it was not only legal, but encouraged in ancient Rome and Greece.
    I don't think you can be for human rights whilst being against gay rights, since it falls under the umbrella. The whole point of gay rights activism is to grant gays across the world basic human rights. The two go hand-in-hand. I also don't believe I ever accused you of being a gay maniac, just that you acted like a troll in the Debate Forum by not actually contributing anything to the topic. In fact, hang on a tick...

    I think that's yet another reason for me not to support gay marriages.
    So you say you're not against human rights, yet you don't support gays having one of the most basic human rights of all. Ooookay.

    And the family structure wasn't quite the same as it was today. The prototypical family waaaaaayyyyy back when (hunting-and-gathering) consisted of a small group of at least 30 people in one living space. I will concede this is a minor difference and doesn't affect the structure; but then, neither does having the two dominant figures be the same gender, especially if there's no gender dominance any more. Also, the family structure isn't quite egalitarian, not like the hunter-gatherer family; children are still lower down in the hierarchy than the parents, since they still have to obey their commands, whereas in a hunter-gatherer society, all members played a part regardless of age difference.

    And again, I like the double-standard thing going on here, where you complain about your opponent branding you as a bigot, then accuse them all in an ad hominem manner of being bigoted. Two wrongs do not make a right.
    Well, are you against gay rights? Do you want to deny them basic human rights for being what they are? Or is your problem mainly with the vocal supporters? And I accused you of elitism, due to your constant sighing about "Americans", not bigotry.

    If you define "family" as between man, woman and child(ren), therefore it's an off-limit term to gays and lesbians, then what do you suggest? Giving them a new term they use to refer to their families? Because that sounds like singling them out, which you're against. Also, if you want to talk about tradition, "family" derives from the Latin term "familia", which in turn is derived from "famulus", which is both an adjective for servitude and a feminine noun for slave, or servant. Meaning it's built around the female being subservient to the male. By this logic, since it's the "traditional" definition of family, we should deny women the right to work, since their responsibility is to the household.

    David I. Kertzer defines family as "a co-residential group that makes up a household ...and share(s) general survival goals and a residence, but may not fulfill the varied and sometimes ambiguous requirements for definition as a family; e.g., regulate sexuality or educate and socialize children". Gays and lesbians actually fit that description pretty well, and there's no evidence to suggest two gays raising a child will affect the child's growth any more than a heterosexual couple.

    And marriage, as far back as Mesopotamia, was about purchasing a woman as a sexual partner and a nanny to any children the male might have. Yet modern marriage isn't about that, it's about both individuals consenting to be partners. Hell, ancient Greece's only parameters regarding marriage was that both agreed and address each other as man and wife - kind of like today, actually.

    tl;dr - definitions change.
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