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Recent content by Maxim

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    The saddest story in all of Pokemon is from a manga no one remembers

    Hey, I do remember Magical Pokemon Journey... although not as thoroughly to remember this story fully, though I did remember there was some elderly Quagsire there. To be honest, MPJ is something that I didn't really appreciate back in the day. I felt that it was "not my cup of tea". But it's...
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    October Plot Discussion

    Violet Lang, huh? So we may expect a Scarlet girl character to be revealed in the upcoming chapter. Unless Kusaka throws a curveball at us. And I already wonder whether we should consider Violet as a "counterpart" of Florian or a PokeSpe OC? I guess the Bulbapedia Wisemen will find a solution...
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    August Plot Discussion

    Volume 65 announced. Hopefully it really releases on that date (October 28).
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    "The New Pocket Monsters Series", starts April 2023

    I chuckle at people who make educated guesses about Nidothing's identity. I think that the whole point behind Nidothing is that Nidothing is... Nidothing. I think that's nobody from the known cast and we're probably never gonna see that person undisguised. But of course, that's also my educated...
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    March Plot Discussion

    Glad that Cara Liss appeared. I was afraid she'd get omitted. I wish there was a better pic of her (since PokeSpe scans are now so few and far between, it may take some time before we get one...) By the way, who is that elderly guy on the fourth scan, in the lowest panel on the left? Is he by...
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    Goh and Cinderace! The Place Where It All Began!!

    Goh, you traitorous piece of scum... If I were Ash, I'd smack him.
  7. M

    October Plot Discussion

    Any hopes about serialized ORAS? I'd love to see more from the Gym Leaders and Elite Four. They felt badly shoehorned in the magazine version. However, I'm afraid that PokeSpe is too behind to add too much actual new content. Most new chapters will likely be focused on showing unseen...
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    Pokémon Anime Future Episodes Leaks/Spoilers

    Yeah, should have added "considering that they'd give him a team of six different Pokemon". But this is what the anime normally does.
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    Pokémon Anime Future Episodes Leaks/Spoilers

    I'm glad about 6v6 Battles, but it only makes me more mad that they made Lance lose against Diantha. Diantha's full team isn't interesting at all. I'm just expecting her XY Champion Battle team. I do have some silent hope that they may replace Hawlucha (since we've had enough of Hawluchas -...
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    August 26th: PM2019 122 - The Semifinals I: Sweep

    I already feel sorry for Diantha... Won't be surprised if Zarderino does all the job. My only hope for this episode: to see one more Pokemon of Diantha's.
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    POKÉTOON - English dub coming June 17th!

    With all seriousness, Blossom's dub voice is the single worst thing I've heard in awhile.
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    June 17th: PM2019 115 - The Curtain Rises! The Masters Tournament!!

    Seeing all those scenes and merchandise featuring the Final Eight Trainers and only their ace Pokemon makes me worried that the entire Final Eight will be based on quick 1-on-1 Battles and we're gonna see nothing more than their aces for most of them. This is a pity, since they're the Champions...
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    The Future of the World Championships

    My predictions for the final matches (considering that it's a Tournament format, though I still have a little hope for Round-Robin format). Quarterfinals: Ash vs. Iris - Ash wins Alain vs. Steven - Alain wins Leon vs. Lance - Leon wins Cynthia vs. Diantha - Cynthia wins Semifinals: Ash vs...
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    Who will Ash defeat in the Masters 8 tournament?

    I wonder what system will the battles be held. If it's a tournament with quarter-finals, semi-finals and the final, then I guess Ash's opponents are obvious - Iris, Alain and Leon, probably in this order. The rest seem to be just "background NPCs" and they seem to be there mostly for flavor. I...
  15. M

    Isle Coronis

    This work feels underappreciated, which is sad considering Coronis's great contributions to the Pokemon manga fandom. The art is nice, smooth and feels quite "real". Also, Coronis's great understanding of the series sure helps. While the dream of an official Pokemon Special-based animation...