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Last Activity:
Nov 12, 2019
Nov 3, 2011
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New Member

MaximumZero was last seen:
Nov 12, 2019
    1. Ju-da-su
      Alright. >_<"

      I'm online right now though, if you want to trade...
    2. Ju-da-su
      Just asking first...I got this female Timid Charmander (Solar Power 31/31/31/31/31/28-29)...Is that OK if I trade that one with your female Togepi with imperfect special defense then? Taken that both have wrong improper stat but is just as high (though I know that my one is speed, so it's no good either...>_<") Still couldn't get any with female 31/x/31/31/31/31...only got male... .__."
    3. pambihirang_nilalang
      ang lupet dba? kaw pala yung nasa TK mega hahaha naka red shirt
    4. pambihirang_nilalang
      huli ka balbon.....
    5. Ju-da-su
      ...Sorry, I completely forgot that I was going to trade you a female Charmander and end up trading that one with another person... ._________."

      Could you hold onto that Togepi until maybe on Saturday or Sunday? I'll try breeding you another female Charmander HA, and if you want, with 4 egg moves (Dragon Pulse, Dragon Dance, Crunch and Ancient Power) and can do Timid or Naive...or Adamant like the one you asked for if you want...or the same Dragon Dance only one but Modest. Sorry once again for being too forgetful. >_<"

      PS. Will start making pending trade list, since I have too many people offering and it's clear that there's no way I'm going to remember who am I trading what for what...>_<"
    6. Ju-da-su
      Will take the female one with 28 special defense then. :3
    7. Ju-da-su
      Well, not quite. Was thinking which poke should I get from you...

      Your Noibat is ready, btw. Timid (Infiltrator 31/x/31/31/31/31) with Switcheroo, all in luxury ball. Have both gender, so it's up to you which gender you want. Only took me less than 30 minutes to do that actually. ._."

      Will trade that for a Jolly Speed Boost male Venipede then. :3
    8. pkmnfn
      I'm sorry to keep bugging you, but are you interested in the trade? I've held the pokes for you for a while, and other people are asking for them. Please reply soon- I don't want to drop this trade :(

    9. Prankstar 73
      Prankstar 73
      Let me know when your ready, keep in mind I vanish for weeks at a time and come back for a couple days, then leave again. Here's your short window of opportunity. XD
    10. pambihirang_nilalang
      we already have our own league.
      added you. i think we still need a GL
      and i think you can be a good one
    11. pambihirang_nilalang
      very nice! i'll send an invite to you on FB
      i can make a Gym Leader for our League
      where are you from?
    12. pambihirang_nilalang
      Pinoy ka pala di mo sinabi :)
    13. TheMaster
      Sorry for the late replay. My timezone is -7, im usually at smogon server as [TheMaster] or [TheMexican], if you prefer so, you can come to dracaena xat (xat.com/dracaena) so we can arrange the battle easily. Thanks for your patience
    14. pkmnfn
      EST... what about you?
    15. pambihirang_nilalang
      hey Max!
      since you can wifi, do you have a Facebook account?
      join our league
      pls reply asap
    16. pkmnfn
      Nicely- I have all your pokes, done, pick them up sometime-- PM me to set up a time
    17. pambihirang_nilalang
      like right now?
      hey Max-Zero, zzup?
    18. zerofield
      I'm in gmt-8 and I'm available in the afternoons weekdays and most of the time on weekends. This message popped up at 3 in the morning for me xD
    19. TheGreekTerror
      i cant battle for the rest of the day, sorry. try to catch me tomorrow
    20. 00swms
      Sorry to inform you we well be using some else as Elite Four.
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