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  • You gonna add the Metroid Prime series to your Metroid completion list? Those are some of the best games of the series and shouldn't be left out.
    Well? I don't really like being accused of stuff that I didn't do. I already get that enough at home what with being the oldest of my siblings.
    He is most certainly not me.
    1/ The only other accounts I have are my old account, altariaking, and my alt, DarkShadowFlygon.
    2/ I don't remember ever being racist in my life.
    3/ Those sprites aren't for any hack.
    4/ He's a friend of mine who likes to troll.

    If you don't believe me, ask a staff member to do an IP check.
    Gameteen.net is latest online free 10,000 popular flash games with greatest players, fun games, play now.

    Hey maxxa, are you still into spriting? I haven't seen any of your recent sprites and I've been looking everywhere for some xD

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