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  • Lol the quaza? just proves how OP he is no worries mate.

    I think its ridiculous that ICE and ROCK get weaker due its abillity wtf was GameFreak thinking with that anyway.
    I do still have Zapdos waiting in Y. Shouldn't be too hard to get a good natured one with IV's in the right stats! And yes, I have a nice selection of Murkrow to choose from. Three shinies (one 4IV, Jolly and Prankster) and multiple Jolly, Prankster 5IV Murkrow (may evolve one into Honchkrow although I don't like it as much).

    I've just always loved birds! I'm slightly less obsessed than I was a few years back but I still love them. And it's fun having a general theme to my Pokémon, I find!
    Yeah, sixth gen really spat all over dragons even if it was kinda needed. :-/

    That said, battling will have to wait a while. I've just started SR'ing for a shiny Cresselia so I'm going to be stuck there until she shines.
    haha! *no comment*
    Yep, not fun at all...
    *prepares the boxing gloves, the katana and his machine gun to argue* ok! I'm ready! :D
    Again, good luck!
    haha! I can't deny I love arguing, but never about personal issues, just social ones.
    Thanks again dude! I deserve an expensive Christmas gift!
    no problem dude! if you want we can talk about politics and I won't be so kind, haha! jk!
    I am just trying to help you dude! :)
    I don't really consider Lugia a bird, but there's Yveltal! I could probably add a non-bird in there to round the team up. I should go check out Smogon's rankings. Another thing to add to the list!

    I'll definitely have a go in the next day or so and let you know how it goes. :p I should have all my birds finished by then and can have fun seeing if my strategy's work or not!
    I did laugh at that, but I couldn't list all of the different type combinations out there. x_x Mainly fifth/sixth gen Pokémon, but there's likely things in the earlier generations that'd throw me. Or dual types that mess with each other resistances and such.

    Pfft. Tempted to retrain her in some weird EV spread so none of you know what to expect. :D
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