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  • Nice to meet you too!

    I'm just so used to being on here that I'm less active elsewhere.
    Do you have a UPNetwork account by any chance?
    Sorry for not being free to have a go at multi's earlier, was just doing my daily run through of Blissey bases!

    Ouch. If I did that to mine I think I'd cry.

    To be fair, I probably would have a Talonflame coming along. :p Do love that Pokémon. At least there's a fairly good mix of types spread among all the birds. Mine are all FS shinies so none of them are really decent although my female Unfeazant did end up Jolly with max Attack/Speed so she's kinda good. I need to remember what movesets I was planning for all of them, though. I also want to get a new Pidgey to train for Mega Pidgeot so I could base a team around that. :)
    Boo. I can understand banning ubers but I guess my Ho-oh would have to sit out for those battles. :p

    Yeah, part of me knows that but I worry about everything, no matter how insignificant. Probably should just go for it and see! I was very tempted to go onto Battle Spot yesterday. Once I lose to somebody I think I'll stop caring but it's just prodding myself into actually having a go.
    I think it was very clever how Marvel went about it, and Fox for making the movie similarly.
    Juggernaut is pretty cool xD

    Yeah we do, but if they hadn't have sold the rights earlier they would have gone bankrupt.
    Yeah, I like the Green Arrow as well now that I think about it, the show is great.
    I feel as though Marvel have more relatable characters, and their storylines relate to real world problems (eg Mutants being accepted into society relates to homosexual acceptance).

    After Sony's leaked emails via a hack, it was revealed that they are in talks with getting Spiderman involved in the MCU
    Yeah apparently, because Fox owns FF and Sony owns Spiderman, plus Wolverine is owned by Fox, Marvel have just been killing off characters to help them lose popularity so the studios sign the film rights back. Peter Parker actually died and came back as well apparently.
    I've never really attempted to be into DC, other than Batman, their characters just seem lame. Superman is just so stupid to me.
    That's DC isn't it? Apparently Aquaman is really dark now.
    Apparently Wolverine died?? And they're killing off the FF, and Magneto isn't Scarlet Witch and Quiksilver's father... It's all because of the movie rights.

    Yeah exactly, although the twists are good sometimes.
    I'm going to have to poke through all the options on the PSS tomorrow, see just what is in there. xD
    That does actually sound like a lot of fun, though I think I'd feel bad if I lost us the battle or if my partner had to do all the work! Doesn't help that my trained Pokémon tend to be very specific (mainly just bird Pokémon) which could end either very well or very badly.
    I will probably message him in the next few days. :) Going back to my parents for the week and will need something to do in the evenings.

    I've somehow never broken any of my handhelds. Wore out the D-pad on my DSLite and I did frisbee my DSi across the room a few weeks ago (trying to find Raikou/Entei in SS. Game was not co-operating) yet somehow it and the game survived perfectly fine.

    Ramble away. :D
    How do multi battles work? Do you need FC's to battle other people or can it be done randomly? That does sound a little better, seeing as there'd be somebody else to balance out the fail. :D Great, now I'm being tempted to try it out. Maybe once I finish levelling my shinies and get their movesets all finalised.

    Oh, I do. Good thing Nintendo makes really sturdy handhelds!
    You'd be surprised. xD I tend to take my frustrations out on the console and soft resetting is so easy on these games.

    Do you battle competitively? :)
    No, I don't. I like to check IV's and EV train my Pokémon, and I've been lurking on Smogon for about 8 years but I've never actually battled online. I tend to rage quit ingame when things don't go my way and that doesn't work well against real people. I'm a very sore loser. :p
    Ahaha xP
    I'm not sure really, I think Ash needs 5 more batches to collect, so his got a while, but them battle are going to be pretty epic! Ash vs Clemont will defiantly be awesome to watch :p
    Yes!!!! That'd be awesome, or a least mega charizard!
    Hahaha! xD
    And I agree!! The only time Ash's mum acted motherly was in the second movie when she told him to stop being so reckless and I think she said something like, "If you where gone.. If my son was gone.. You are the light in my life" it wasn't something around those lines, probably not, but she did act like a true mother in that movie, and in the 3rd movie as well, they actually hugged for the first time xD!!
    And I'm not sure aha! he does a lot of travailing so I guess that helps :)

    Haha yep! Defiantly, he'd have to get past a more mature and wiser Ash first :p
    That was just unfair when that happened! Although people accepted Ash's defeat then because of that, so I guess I can't complain, I just hope that don't happen in the Kalos League
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