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  • Defiantly xD! not too cold he might end up freezing bad joke... aha! really bad xD!

    I know right! I mean were finally seeing a motherly side to the anime with Serena and her mum, they hug and she actually acts all mother like aha! we just need to see Ash hug his mum for once, and see them bond more xP plus his dad needs to come in!!
    I actually think him and Cilan would get along really well haha! they are just so similar in there own way, Cilan shouts out "It's evaluation time" or something, and Clemont goes "the future is now thanks to science!" I could see them fan boying at each other haha! And if Brock has a Brock moment, talking about woman, being Brock, I could see him trying to act impressed but if a little wireded out by him xD! I think maybe Bonnie and Brock might get along for some strange reason xD!
    I can agree with that :p I don't think it would be like Paul to have a complete personality switch aha! can you imagine that though xD!

    Don't worry I didn't think you were speaking that way, until you said not in that way aha! but anyways, I think I know what you mean :)
    Yeah I see what you mean, she was more calm, and should I say, normal, out of the professors!
    Serena and Dawn... I not too sure, they both have similar personalities, so I think they'd get on fine. They'd probably go shopping and learn about each others goals witch are kinda similar but not :) what do you think ??
    Haha xD! Lets just say Barry is a character you just can't dislike :p
    Oh okay, thats news to me!
    Yeahh, I like her, I never really got bored of her character, she was really nice as well like you say :) Plus it was cool to see the experiments she tried out with her assistant, like that prehistoric Pokemon :D!
    Defiantly!! haha! what do you think his reaction to Ash's new friends would be ??
    Haha! you mean when Barry forgot to catch the Pokemon xD! That was hilarious!
    Ohhh! Birch is who I thought you were talking about, my bad haha! and I just looked up Professor Elm, I remember him kinda, but I don't remember what series he was in or his personality, must of been ages since I watched an episode with him in it aha! All the professors has a unique quirk to them if that makes sense aha!
    Paul's probably really strong now, he might of won a League in his time away from the anime, who knows. but I'm wondering if his personality has change and if his sticking to his head-on training style, what do you think ??
    Yeah, I mean, I do prefer Professor Oak if I'm honest, but he was cool (his the one that drove along the cliff in the AG right ?? the one to give May her first Pokemon ??)
    I agree, gotta love Barry, aha! he was one of a kind xP Ah man, on youtube theres a montage of Barry's wired moments, defiantly worth watching xD! you just need to type in Barry funny moments :p

    Defiantly! Chimchar the the icing on the cake! the one that brought their rivalry even closer, if that makes sense aha! wouldn't it be awesome, with the new animation in the XY series, to have Ash and Paul battle again, I think that battle would be amazing!!
    And no worries, I don't mind long posts aha!
    Yeah rowan was pretty cool haha!
    And I agree, the battles and the rivalry was AWESOME! aha! It was cool how every time Paul came in and him and Ash make eye contact, the whole scene is total seriousness aha! oh boy..
    And Barry was awesome in my opinion, he always made me laugh and was trying to be better than Ash when he wasn't. Really funning character, and goofy aha! what do you think of him ??
    Ohhh okay, fair enough :)

    Yeah that really sucked :( I think he could have been an okay rival for Ash (not as good as Paul but you know) And that'd be awesome if Paul came back! The rivalry between them two was epic!
    Yeah, Trip is another I guess, I don't not like him, but I think they handled his character really poorly if you get what I mean, kinda meh aha!
    And how come you don't like Professor Oak ??
    Urrrrrrm, if you mean just in Pokemon, I'm not actually sure aha! Just Gary, OH! and Drew, I don't really like his character either aha!
    What about you ??
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