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  • I haven't really been on any websites really, except for this one.
    I think I saw her before though, don't know how.
    Wait it came out TODAY!!! YAY oh wait.... its in Japanese. Darn! why does Japan have to be ahead of us >.<
    Oh well thats why I didnt know I don't have those games.
    i had a feeling she's gonna be in their. I mean if they keep this whole make female game person in anime up, were gonna end up having 50 million main girls in the anime. Thats a lot of Ash shippings o_O

    Gimp? Photoshop? Isn't photoshop that place were you can make banners? Or is that photobucket??
    Awww its cute, it looks like it could actually be an anime character on the show ^^(unless it is one then...never mind)I'm sure you'll win ^v^o

    How do you draw that!?! What do have some techno art thingies that make you AEESOME!!
    OMG Your drawings are soooo awesome!! Especially the chibis(which I believe are those little people)....I JUST LUUUUUUUVVV CHIBIS!!!! o^v^o
    nope why don't you get an account on Bulbagarden?It's like Serebii but I can't always come here
    Oh well I'll try to sign up for yahoo then ^^. (Unless its gonna be a meanie, just like myspace)
    No, I don't have one, cause my drawings suck, bleh. I'm assuming you have one?
    And yes ADVANCESHIPPING FTW!!!!!!!!
    Weren't you the one who posted on Cybercubed's profile about his fic?

    If not, then I'm sorry XD;
    Don't know why you deleted that message for Cybercubed. I wasn't attacking anyone with my VM, I was only making a light joke about the advertising.
    Hey, an advanceshipper. You only need to see my avatar to figure out that i'm one too!
    We will rule the world! or, at least, serebii.net
    No, I have non drawing skills what so ever =(
    oh you don't know how much I'm taken for being a girl =) heh
    Yes we advanceshippers will DOMINATE!!!!!!! xD
    Anyways, I only have gmail. I wanted yahoo but I think you had to pay or something. Eh its been a while so how should I know if they pay or not. And don't think I've been on msn so....ya.
    Hi MayKim =)
    Yep it's me. Hope you like my videos =)
    Yes I am, just look at the banner in my sig xD why do you ask?? I'm also a very big fan of May if you haven't notice yet xD
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