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  • The news about the Middle Eastern view on thrown shoes, the political aspects of the Prime Minister, among other things. Seems like knowledge to me.

    And, granted, you weren't doing a strong job of supporting your facts, but BigLutz kind of annoyed me for attacking you the way he did. The purpose of a debate is to maturely discuss the debates and the key points that are at hand, not to blatantly call someone an idiot because he or she didn't portray his or her points in a strong light, something he seemed to have made a hobby of.
    Actually, the flaming from both sides really ****** me off. But it was the political facts and whatnot hidden underneath the flaming that got me interested in it.
    What is strange is that when I first heard about this incident, I thought it was absolutely hysterical. But seeing the OT, and the debate thread that followed, I was exposed to certain cultural values that I never knew existed thanks to you and BigLutz, and have changed my view on it. Thank you for that.
    Hey, it's kinda cool that you're the son of a mayor. Oh, and sorry if the debate is getting pretty heated. It's just the way things go. Sometimes you just need some alligator skin. ;)
    I haven't got it unfortunately, it looks as though i'll have to do it the hard way.

    That's a really nice offer though, i appreciate it.

    I've got to go unfortunately, so i'll speak to you soon.

    Tell your brother to keep up the good work, and hopefully if i get wifi, i can have a battle with you both.
    Well it's nice to meet another Snover fan, you and your brother have good taste.

    Hopefully when i get Platinum, i might get another shiny, i've been breeding Eevee to try and get a shiny, so i can evolve it into Leafeon, as yet no luck, but i'm not beaten yet.
    I was happy with 1 and you have 6, how did you manage that.

    I think it's really nice that you help him out with pokemon, it gives him a good starting point.
    Not a bad choice, i always go fr grass myself.

    I think the water starters give an advantage early on, which one does he have at the moment?
    That's a very weird coincidence.

    He must have been really happy about that, seeing as you had a head start.
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