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  • Oh, it's not that big a deal. =P Just something to keep in mind really.

    And yeah. You've improved amazingly. =)
    Woops, sorry about that. ^^; I always think whenever there's the word preview, then that's a preview of the fic. My mistake. ^^;
    The new fic is names "Preview", it's not actually a preview. Thanks for lookin' out for me!
    Just to let you know, you posted the preview in the wrong section. ^^; You're supposed to post it at the Author's Cafe. Don't worry, you can ask a moderator to move it. :)

    Don't have time to read the preview now, but I might tomorrow. ;)
    XD Thank you. So weird. o_O

    Oh, you're a third year at a university too? If so, that's cool. ^^ If not...sorry for the confusion. ^^;
    Nah, I don't watch bleach. I'm not much of an anime fan other than pokemon, digimon, and the gundam series.
    No problem, you definitely deserve it. And don't think I've forgotten about you, I just got behind some. It's on the way.
    Hehe, you're welcome. :)

    Hey, have you check the awards thread? Me and duncan nominated your fic for a few rewards. ;)
    Yeah, it is. XD

    I vote for "PAST THE STAGE OF MAKING AMENDS" because it's more what you're going for in that chapter. ^^

    Well, so far the fics I've started are "Nothing, Everything," "Destiny's Tricks," and "Hounds of Goldenrod." HoG is a one shot that I'm quite proud of and NE is a mystery/suspense fic that has fourteen chapters and I'll probably post the next one as soon as my beta's done looking at it. XD DT is a parody fic but I'm thinking of probably quitting it because I'm losing inspiration and also I'm going to be busy once I go back to school.
    Hey! =D

    That's okay. It's understanding, with you needing surgies and such.

    (replying here so that I don't spam your fic! XD)
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