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  • Yeah definitely! I'm always on the lookout for new Shinies so if you come across more feel free to hit me up~
    Hey there! Turns out I managed to get home super early today, so if you have time I'm available from now! Confirming that the trade is Shiny Torchik and Altaria for my Shiny near-flawless Eevee, yes?
    Nope, I'm still home! (Just to be clear, it is almost 9 AM at the time of this post, so 6 PM tonight would be 9 hours from now, yes?) That time works for me! I'll be around then~
    Hello! I'll be around intermittently for the next couple hours or so! Drop me a line if yer able to trade~
    Hey! Unfortunately I have to head off so we'll have to do the trade another time. I'll be around Mon and Tue at my regular time but then will be gone for a week, so hopefully one of those times works!
    You are inactive on The Hoenn Triangle. Please respond to the thread if you wish be remain on the active list.

    How much SP do you have? How did you earn it?
    I will be available tomorrow morning (in my time zone), so if you live in US or nearby, come online a 9:30-10:30 pm, if in Europe or nearby, you can come at 1:30-3:00 pm!!
    Add me PLZ!!!
    I have taken in your order and added you, add me back!
    Your order-
    Rotom-2 and 5 myster eggs :)
    I will be available tomorrow morning (in my time zone), so if you live in US or nearby, come online a 10 pm, if in Europe, we can come online anytime!!
    I am interested in a diance code even though I have already retrieved my own code. As well i have traded for a japanese diance. Anything else you are interested in from my trade thread aside from mew and jirachi?
    Did you get my response PM about the Magneton trade? (Just in case your PM box was actually full like said below and I just didn't notice)
    im gunna play some more oras demo atm whenever your ready to trade and free just message me :3 Ill be on for awhile.
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