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  • Hmm hi there. I'm from the pasbl too, and I wanted to know if you're taking any battle requests. We've been on the waiting list forever.. =/ If not, I'm really sorry for bothering you. Here it is..

    Kashmir(acceptor) vs. >zErO<(challenger)
    3 on 3
    Single battle
    Switch = KO
    DQ = 96 hours
    Lawn arena

    Once again sorry for bothering.. =p
    Hmm, well he's got about 3 posts and hasn't actually done a squad properly :S Wghich means I should check my opponents before accepting challenges. We'll see. If he's not on within the week we can DQ him and neither of us will take the points.

    Ta for taking this,
    So, the Variation tab is the one that has Built Ins> and different types of variations.. I'd like to have some tips and whatnot....
    Thanks so much, I owe you one. <3
    I managed to get my e-mail registered for MSN at last. *is in the middle of downloading* Would you mind if I add you when it's finished? :3
    To finish on a completely random note by any chance do you go on the Starmen forums? I thought I saw the name MCXD when I was browsing there.
    Aha, that'd explain things. Most of my matches have been against people at the same level as me. I haven't really had the chance to battle the more experienced PASBL-ers.

    Ah, thanks, i'll see if I can get it working. *crosses fingers*

    lol, Unintentional subtly. I didn't mean it to sound like that. ^^;; *even though is desperate to have someone take it*
    *repeatedly shot*
    Hehe, thanks.

    That's not too bad, I've seen worse around and I bet most of them were close. Good to here your current matches are going well. ^_^
    As for the community, i'm usually too shy to post/chat. (stupid I know X) ) I've tryed MSN before but I didn't know how to register my e-mail address. *fails epicly*

    I'm amazed at how he can take so many matches at once, i'd probaly end up losing track of it all. When I get my results back i'll probaly just play it safe with one or two matches at a time. XD

    As for me, I'm the complete opposite right now. 4/1 w/l. In the matches going on right now I'm against Ryuusei and Tyranidos so I predict two losses there. Even so, all my matches are going pretty well/OK-ish. Still waiting to see if someone will take the Vs Quintowill match though.

    Sooo close to Level 2, I might end up needing more TP than I do KOs. If i'm lucky.
    Hey, grats on becoming a ref. *is still waiting for her ref test results*
    Anyway, how's the PASBL been going for you?
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