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  • I know wat is EV.training is.
    I wuz training my Garchomp(with PKRS) and his stats went up for HP.355>361>370 Its final HP. is 407
    Att 272
    Def 266
    Sp.Att 215
    Sp.Def 196
    Spd 278
    anyone still on? just trying to get in a word in or two before my parents get back home. i'll see what i can do about that aggron, pkmner. definetly check what EV training is, especially if u have pkmn w/pokerus! i was just training my kingdra at the resort area, and in two levels(w/pkrs) its sp.atk went from 122>127>134! thats outstanding! for details, look up EV training, and if anyone wants a pkmn with pokevirus just contact me and i'll get to u a.s.a.p.
    You can be from number 2-4 since number 1 was already asked for

    And sure but sadly I'm gonna get wifi in 2 weeks so that's gonna wait for awhile
    If you want we can maybe battle on Saturday or Sunday if not the week after that cause I'm going to a friends so that would be great

    Also if you need help on training pkmn you can always ask me for tips since I knw a lot bout them since I trained every pkmn in shiny colors
    Hey ya that would be great I would love to have and assistant

    And no worries your not annoying your a decent person like me who likes to have fun too
    well, little sis,(yes everyone she's my little sister) u need to clean your room and find your pkmn pearl game, and start raising up your pokemon alot. if i become a gym leader, i'll consider making you my subordinant....;)
    if you're here to send me a challenge request, go ahead! but i'm only trying to keep my mind in shape for hg/ss. please leave:
    for further details see "about me"
    thanks alot, because i already have the johto starters, and lucario is a fav. of mine, so i was really hoping it would work so i could start hg/ss with a personal fav.(besides, i cant choose, but ill pick a random one and keep it as a random battler)
    riolu is a baby pokemon (wich means it cannot breed) so you will have to evolve the female riolu to get it to breed and get blazekick...
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