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  • Also could I ask you to clone Tapu Koko a few more times for me? Seems like my friends want to have one of him too xD .
    Cool. Just to be sure, you are accepting either a shiny or event? (No preference between the two?)
    I am sure I have at least one of the shinies you are interested in, and probably at least 1 of the events, so I am fine with either category.
    I will go look through your shop again for more information.
    1. Your inbox is full.

    2. Hey! Nice to hear from you!
    I will look through your shop and see if I find something I have. If not, I can always let you know what I do have just in case.
    But yeah, I am interested in the Tapu Koko. If I do have something you want, we can trade once you get it.
    Breeding ball onto offsprings requires the parents to be able to caught in the same ball. Seeing that dittos can't pass balls, so passing from ditto is not possible ~ So to get a gen V pokemon in safari ball requires at least one of the parents of the same breed kind (So the same pokemon : Purrloin has to be breed with purrloin before the same ball can be passed and it has to be a female purrloin to have the ball choice in Gen VI - Gen VII can be from both parents) to have been caught in the ball ~ But Gen V and up had no safari balls or safari zones, so that shouldn't be possible ~ I hope you get what I'm trying to say x.x I am not really good at explaining things.
    Heeey ~ Mech I will most likely pass by your shop again this weekend (✧◡✧)

    Btw, you might want to remove that Purrloin in safari ball from your shop. Gen V pokemon can't be in safari balls >.<
    Yes! ~ I definitely will snoop around my pokebank again one of these days, and thanks for always cloning for me! I really appreciate it! ~
    Oh God, I forgot to take Toxapex off my team thingy, can you perhaps wait a minute before cloning so I can trade that one too?
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