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  • Just repost putting them together. I will go remake the brackets. They would probably help more now, because the battles are gonna get confusing.
    Man that makes the brackets go wierd. Haha. Do you want me to fix them, or are you just going to list the battles?
    Hey. Also, there are some new people that have applied. Are they in this tourney. Their names are Dynablade and darklazerman.
    Thanks. I forgot that the semi-finals losers had to battle for third in a seperate battle.
    Hey, I fixed the Tournament Brackets. Realized this mistake late yesterday. I'll send the new one now.
    No problem. Like I said, I am willing to do these things for the clan. It should be in your inbox now.
    Okay, I'm going to send this to you in a downgraded version. Tell me how it looks. I'll also send a pic.
    Hey, I don't think that I can add attachment through PM. Do you have a primary E-mail so I can send this to you and you can look it over?
    Thank you sir! I do try! I just got my final poke together to! I will have to ask for wifi battles, though. Unless of course it is impossible.
    Okay, well I'm doing it on Microsoft Work. I hope that is okay. Do you want me and winter battling each other, or what? Because we are higher ranks, I'd figure you would want us to have a battle with lower ranks, so that we don't knock eachother out early.
    Alright, so I only worry about the people on the members list, and b/c you and Black M are alreadyin the War team, I don't have to worry about you.
    Yeah, sure. Give me time zones and members (if you know them).

    Edit: Also, if you have a certain number of rounds, and anything else that would help.
    Do you know how you are going to set up the matched. Also, I have a new, and somewhat interesting UU team that I would like to battle you with and you suggestions. I sorta really like this team. Would you like to have a battle?

    Edit: Also, is the poll up?
    Sorry about the missed battle. Unexpected things pop up when you least need them.
    Can I battle you tomorrow when my last VM was made?
    Hey, do you want to help me make my second OU team. Also, do you have any suggestions for the OU or UU team that I battled you with earlier?
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