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  • Hey, I updated my RMT if you wanna look. It is the same OU one that you looked at before. Also, when do you want to battle?
    Hey, well I'm up now. It's up to you when we will do this battle. VM me when you are ready.
    I switched my team up a bit. My only worries are that I will not be able to kill a Dragon When it comes down to it.
    Yeah. I am looking at it now. Sorry, I edited this in my last message a little late, but, are you in the mood for a battle?
    I checked one of your teams out. The water mono-team from a while back. Are you in the mood for a battle?
    Yeah, I just don't feel like making an Uber team at the moment. Right now I am preoccupied with making some great OU and UU team. Perhaps I should focus more on Uber, though, because that is the only tier that probably won't change as much other than getting some Pokes added to the tier.
    Still, I am willing to do other things on the page, too. I am assuming it is not possible, though. LC is something I am interested in. I am really not excited about Uber, considering I haven't made a team. Either way, I guess I could easily make a quick team. I see a problem with this tourney, though. I don't know if you have sorted it out, but a lot of the clan is in a different time zone, I think.
    Hey. What tiers are going to be on the poll for the tourney. Also, is there some way for me to put up the poll? I have plenty of free time and would be willing to do stuff like that if possible.
    Hey, I made a new team that I was hoping you could check out. In my recent threads if you are interested.
    Hey, after a while of playing around with my improved OU team I've begun to realize that Espeon is not the perfect addition. I think I may want to replace him with another guy. Anyway, are you in a mood for an OU battle to test the team out. If not then that's fine. Also, if you are in the mood for a battle, we are gonna have to battle in a different server than usual. I am still banned from the PO server and the Smogon server is down.
    Hey. Do you want another battle? Also, I think I might prefer UU for the tourney. Not that it changes anything. I just feel that my UU team is more solid.
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