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  • Hey man. Nice work on the latest streak. Can I ask, do you refer to the speed tiers and opponents possible movesets whilst playing? I don't and I wonder if that's a reason I tend to underachieve.
    I haven't said they weren't. All I am going off is what I've encountered so far. But cheers for the comment.

    All I said was that 160 HP might be better. I could be wrong.
    This just allows faster percentage recovery, since Bronzong already has high defenses which are getting to +6, I'm not sure how important the HP value will be, unless the opponent scores a critical, in which the sub breaks and Bronzong is healed by leftovers.

    I also believe that the extra EVs would be well placed on Defense, this is because Shuckle's team consists of

    Power Split - Lowers Offensive stats
    Struggle Bug - Lowers SpA
    Rest - Reset Sturdy/recovery
    Gastro Acid - Ability removal for things like Clear Body

    Flash - Lowers accuracy
    Recover - Helps gets off multiple Flashes/Rock Tombs
    Memento - -2 Att/SpA
    Rock Tomb - Lowers Speed

    Now what is missing here? A pure Attack lowering stat that isn't a one off move, such as Charm.

    The enemy pokemon would already have about 1/4 of their original Att/SpA from 2 Power Splits.
    -2 Att from Memento
    -6 SpA from Stuggle Bug

    Since the stat lowers was quite uneven, I would place the extra EVs on Defense. Making it 134 SpD and 151 Defense

    Now, this is honestly doesn't matter that much. All my EV set offered is getting fully recovered from Substitute 1 turn earlier. The only real way that the first enemy pokemon is breaking through Bronzong's sub is by getting a crit or being a crazily powerful physical Fire type. And even then, Bronzong can just use a few Iron Defenses and be fine.

    I understand your's (well, Shuckle's) EV setup too, more HP means more to chew through before the sub breaks, but I don't really see much breaking that sub in 1, or even 2 turns once the boosts get going. Also -
    252 HP EVs gives a sub 43 HP
    140 HP EVs gives a sub 40 HP
    This tiny difference is why you made me lol :)


    Shuckle should at least consider reducing the HP EVs to the bare minimum for a 43 HP Substitute.
    I hope you realize that Lapras! is probably one of the best raters to ever set foot in the IGRMT.
    Look man, obviously this matters in some way to you, otherwise you wouldn't have actually gone to the trouble of posting in my profile (which was just my way of moving the flaming to somewhere where it didn't tarnish the reputation of 5th gen RMT which everyone seems to be bashing recently). So I'm done. I'll leave this though, feel free to post whatever you want about it.

    This forum isn't about winning internet arguments. Its about helping people enjoy pokemon and build great teams. I think I'll just be sticking to my own threads now because it seems that if I post something wrong, I'll be jumped on and insulted multiple times.

    Have fun retorting, because I'm sure you will. :)
    I'm sorry for not knowing the rules of a profile argument on the internet, i claim my ignorance to having a life (and now I've started posting here, why stop? I'm not fussed about it).

    The information I was going off was based upon what other people have said in some of my threads. I'm sorry if it wasn't correct in this particular case. I thought it was worth mentioning however and I stick to that.

    Leftovers always recovers 6.25% anyway and the percentage damage Bronzong will take with less HP will be greater. So lol thanks for making yourself look like even more of an idiot. This is true, but since it has Calm Mind/Iron Defense, personally I would prefer a higher healing percentage to a lower damage percentage. The additional EVs can be placed on Def/Spd which eventually become 3x what they were initially thanks to boosts. Also insulting people on the internet does not increase the size of your penis, so please, give that a rest.

    In reguard to HP/4+1 (actually HP/16+1, dyslexia win). I'm sorry I pointed out that your idea was irrelevant in the Battle Subway due to a lack of enemy entry hazards. It's just that it was wrong. Just plain wrong. I don't CARE if you're advice was 'not an actual suggestion', it's still wrong. And I'm just trying to tell you that it's wrong (just replace wrong with irrelevant and hey presto).

    Please do not assume that you are giving me good advice when it seems more like you are inflating your own ego by mentioning what a great rater you are, and you have experience from an old account. I didn't mention your rating skill till you did, and I didn't mention your post count at all.

    About the word percentage, if my second post in regards to the HP EV issue involved the word percentage, it would have made more sense. This is what I meant.
    Hahaha YOU make ME lol :p

    Lol excuses excuses...

    No, you're wrong. Just plain wrong. I can't be bothered explaining this any more because you're the most stubborn, unwilling to learn, person I have ever seen here. If you don't believe that I'm wrong, read Shuckle's post in his thread. It contradicts you completely. I don't CARE if you're advice was 'not an actual suggestion', it's still wrong. And I'm just trying to tell you that it's wrong. It's nothing personal, you just don't seem to understand the mechanics of pokemon. Have I got my message across yet?

    You know by posting faulty advice you're providing a poor example to the less experienced raters...

    Lol ME disagreeing for the sake of it? Why didn't you just leave it, then, rather than pointing it out? I wasn't disagreeing for the sake of it. I was just making a point that could be helpful to you in other fields. I actually acknowledged that it was a minor point when I first brought it up... I really didn't need you to tell me that afterwards... I think you just like arguing. I like arguing too, so you have made a mistake my friend :)

    Lol okay I can actually understand your scepticism about my experience. I have 19 posts or whatever lol. However I had an old account on here.
    a - actually bothered to argue with me about my irrelevant point which was at least correct, unlike some of yours, and
    b - keep perceiving I'm more intent on undermining you than giving good advice. (Although at this point I'm starting to feel the other way :/) ... I didn't point out you missed the word percentage. When did I say that? But now that you mention it, Leftovers always recovers 6.25% anyway and the percentage damage Bronzong will take with less HP will be greater. So lol thanks for making yourself look like even more of an idiot.

    I'm not going to stop this argument until you do, because then I'll know I've won.

    btw, you're meant to post VMs on the other person's profile.
    You'd think you'd at least learn to post on the other persons profile instead of your own...
    Oh Lapras, you make me LOL :)

    All I said was that particular number of HP EVs allows for an extra precentage of recovery boost, allowing for additional EVs to be placed elsewhere. I said this at 5.50am before I caught the bus to course so I was mostly just typing what I thought, not an actual suggestion.

    160 HP also assists in setting up substitutes as no extra HP is gobbled up.
    Basicly, 160HP gets 'Zong back to full HP 1 turn earlier, allowing for more substitutes.

    I wasn't really intending for Shuckle to change it, I was merely suggesting alternative ideas to what he currently had. I knew Shuckle was experienced enough to weigh my thoughts properly.

    In reguards to HP/4+1, I just didn't see the relevance in posting about PvP situations in a Battle Subway thread. It honestly seemed like you were disagreeing just for the sake of it.

    Experienced rater indeed.. Your second post, you
    a - quoted yourself to support your point which was irrelevant anyways,
    b - pointed out I missed the word -percentage- in my second post.

    Anyways, I'm done here. Have a good day :)
    I don't know why you're being so defensive. Your advice is not correct and yet you refuse to listen to others who are trying to help. I'm a more experienced rater than you, at least -read- what I have to say before dismissing it, kay?
    Oh. If you want to talk me, it best that you send me a Visictor message in my Profile ^^
    Anyways, i rated you team. Hope i helped you.
    Scrafty is so awesome! :p

    up to a 56 streak so far with Whimsicott, Shuckle and Scrafty.
    (74 streak now, still going)

    Not sure if I should run Stun Spore or Memento on Whimsicott.
    Stun Spore means I'd be able to get off that first sub on Srafty far more safely, as well as the 1/4 chance of a free turn
    Memento is handy for if Shuckle would be overwhelmed (which some offensive special based pokemon which hit Shuckle for super effective damage can do). Momento can reduce the damage done to Shuckle which aids in it's setting up.

    Had one or two close calls, mostly it's just been criticalhax by the NPC, swapped in to Shuckle and got insta-froze once too.
    Well with the teams I used for quite a while, Water type pokemon ruined me, mostly gen 1 pokes with crazy movesets.

    Slowbro with Flamethrower and Ice beam hurt my team a lot, and a late game Starmie could outspeed me and destroy my team.

    Water types especially hurt the team I got a 94 streak with, as it had a Volcorona lead.

    Though, I haven't actually used the type of team build that I got the 98 streak for a while as it is a bit more luck based and I don't have the pokemon I need to make that sort of team great (name Suicune. If I had that bad boy, I'd be eable to rip through the Subway with a lot more ease).

    I'm trying out cripple based pokemon teams now and finding mixed sucess, I just have to find the right combination I think (without resorting to Multiscale Dragonite, because screw you conforming to what everyone uses! :p)
    Hey, you get a 98 streak on BS? Thats a bit high ^^
    Few people post their current Streak.
    My streak is near 180...I am a bit worried with Taunt Users...what poke you have problem in BS?
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