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  • Hey /o/ Just letting you Know Im not dead .-. I kinda went cold turkey anti social mode again recently... Bought Pokemon black turn it on for a hour downloaded the wonder card and threw it aside for a month... now I'm looking for a way to get Vicinti and Restart my game for a Oshawott :x

    which is how I ended back up on here Ironicly... I might lurk more often again :p I never see you on YIM :(

    And the Restarting Part is a Hard point.... Since I want to SR for a Female Oshawott >.>;;
    Hah, booger... I haven't heard that word in years. X3

    My sanity is open for study, of course. And glad to cause some levity, Meg. ^_^

    You don't like missing school and do like cleaning? That's remarkable! There are extremely few people like that. By the way, "organized chaos" is a nice expression.

    Johto isn't great for training, really. No VS Seeker, plus very low-leveled wild Pokemon. Have fun with your team~
    Ah, Chikorita's a good one. I started with it way back on the original Gold version. It kinda looks a bit like a lump, though, when it walks behind you in HG. =/

    Hey, "pasty" is just one letter away from "pastry," which is enough to make me smile. Smeargles with raspberry tarts - who wouldn't find that fun and joyous? Also, kudos on your good health. I do question your judgement of thinking summertime is an okay time to get sick again, but that's up to you...

    This weekend I have allowed the people around me to make use of my many desirable talents. Or in other words, I just let everyone use me for stuff. Did you have fun doing household things? ^_^

    Oh, and I'm nearly done. The last things on my list are catching Lugia/Mewtwo/Latias, and beating Red. You?
    Do you have HeartGold or SoulSilver? And don't worry, pasty creatures are fun. Just look at Dunsparce and Smeargle. (Are they pasty? They seem so to me...)

    I'm sorry you're sick, though. But yes, thank you for holding off the sparkles until the very end.
    Hah, okay. I wondered if I said something embarassing, there. XD

    Oh, I'm full of Johto thoughts today. And you?
    Haha me to, i'm playing farmville always on school when im bored. It's really addictive, haha nothing wrong with that right? I'm on level twenty eight right now and still growing!

    I chose Chikorita as well. It is very nice indeed :)

    You say that now, but try a summer here. We get past 100 a lot here.

    I’m glad to hear that you had fun going back you school. I miss going back and talking with the people I grew up with. I still talk with them, but it’s not the same without school.

    Been helping my mom with a few things, and playing SS.

    It isn’t ride at all :) Love From Darato, or David. However you want to look at it. I’m been doing it since 06.

    Hope your well.

    Well if you got it, who did your pick as your starter?

    Got a few things I’ve been working on done and did some stuff with friends. How about you?

    17 degrees here would be cold.

    Personally I like it. I mean it is a remake, but at the same time they've added in a lot of new things to make it worth while. I'd look at the new things and deiced for yourself, but I say it is.

    I get that from time to time myself. You should write a fan fic

    I’m good thanks, just killing some time on here.

    So have you gotten HG/SS yet?

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