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  • Hi, you need garchomp?
    I may be able to get you a Jolly gible with following move set:
    Dragon Rush
    Dragon Claw
    Shadow Claw

    I also may be able to teach Brick Break to it, and maybe swords dance.
    Right now I'm too busy with my school and stuff so I'm not sure if I can evolve and EV-train it. But I can breed it ready so we could maybe trade it. But my price would sound too big so I'll maybe force myself to EV-train it.

    I'm looking for Untouched, (preferred) Modest nature Darkrai, legit (or with event hacked, but has to be from Newmoon Island). Would be nice to it to know Dark Pulse from TM.

    PM me if this sounds good/bad deal. I also can get pretty much other pokemon.
    Why I'm doing this cuz I'm training female garchomp right now.
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