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Mega Gobli
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  • Whatever shinies you are willing to give for the Foongus. It'd be really helpful if you provide the natures with the shinies you are willing to give :)
    Movesets... Even a single stat boost is important in the metagame, so Calm Mind, Swords Dance, Quiver Dance, are pretty useful. Baton Pass users are normally given these kinds of moves to boost their Pokemon before sending them out. If you're planning to give it a Choice item, then its moveset must be all-attacking, unless if it can switch items with its foe, which can trap the foe into using that same move. Attackers are normally given a move of their type to utilize STAB. They're normally given moves outside their types to give them more coverage and deal with the counters that would switch in. Eg. EQ with Ms Squiggles allows her to hit Rock-type and Fire-type. Not every Pokemon has to have a counter move, and that's when teamwork is in play. Not going to cover on teamwork though.

    Movesets are normally used as a base on what nature/IV spread/EV spread of a Pokemon should be.

    That's all I probably can tell about a perfect Pokemon, along with EVs and Movesets. In short, during breeding, you need to find out the Nature, IV and ability that you need, as well as egg moves if you need any. :/

    [SUB]And wow this is long I have to split it into two.[/SUB]
    First, you need to know its strength and weaknesses. For example, Scolipede has a good Attack and Speed, so obviously I'll need to have those two at maximum. So the best IV line up will be x/31/x/x/x/31. If you're looking for a 5 IV spread, then as Scolipede's weakest stat is Sp.Atk, and its not going to use it, the line up should be 31/31/31/x/31/31. Hp, Def and Sp.Def are normally the three stats you want to have maximum IVs if you're looking for the perfect Pokemon. Otherwise, they'll go down quicker. Trick Room Pokemon are normally aimed to have 0 IVs in Speed to utilize Trick Room.

    For natures, unless you're looking for a mixed Sweeper (aka. one that deals both Atk and Sp.Atk), we obviously have to reduce the other attacking stat so we won't have any lack in defenses. Those with low Speed stat, or needed to be slow, normally have a nature that boost their highest stat and reduces their speed. Eg. Brave Aegislash will give it an attack boost and lower its Speed so people can utilize its defense form to defend before starting the attack.

    For EVs, a certain amount of Speed is normally given to outspeed several Pokemon that could hinder it. At least, that's far as I know regarding about EVs. I normally give its main attacking power a little boost, but most ideal of the EV spreads is giving it a slight boost in their defenses, again, so they would last longer. Smogon is a good place to check out about EVs.

    Obviously, abilities must be one that the Pokemon can utilize the most. You don't need a Dragalge with Poison Touch since its a Sp.Attacker. Pokemon with ability to induce weather are often paired with Pokemon that could use it... Hence why Drizzle + Swift Swim is banned at the 5th gen. For those that only have a single ability, then you have to know how to use it.
    Haha, I should've battled him again with my team of Imposter Ditto. It'll be hilarious. xD

    Sorry, if you're going to ask for a breeding request, I don't have the space in my PC to breed. I'll probably have a PC for Synchronizers, a box of Ditto, and all the babies I could hatch if I have that space. xD
    Ms Squiggles is the only Pokemon I've managed to perfect, and I got lucky that it took only a box to find one. Probably a couple of Fennekin with 4 IVs each, so I guess I'm getting the hand of the whole IV breeding in XY. :>
    Meanwhile my Ms Squiggles ended up defeating 4 legendary Pokemon all by herself. Then again, Kyurem-W has its HP decreased, but she did OHKO 3 of them. xD

    It goes to show how strong my Ms Squiggles actually is. xD

    Wanna check it out? :3
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