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Mega Weavile
Last Activity:
Jan 7, 2016
Oct 10, 2006
Likes Received:
São Paulo, Brazil

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Mega Weavile

Well-Known Member, from São Paulo, Brazil

Mega Weavile was last seen:
Jan 7, 2016
    1. 2dollaz
      i wanna know if you want to trade if you message me ill show you what ive got after you answer me
    2. Weavile22
      Yes, another Weavile person. WOHOOO
    3. ninjascyther
      No worries :)
    4. Master Leo
      Master Leo
      Hey, Whats up Weavile?
    5. ninjascyther
      Yeah mate sorry, ive been busy. Ill get back today/tomorrow, but from what i read at the start Ive felt exactly the same way before so we should have lots to discuss. Sorry to keep you waiting, NS.
    6. shadowsfalling19
      hmmmm i understand just trying to be helpful:)
    7. shadowsfalling19
      targeting pinsir huh?
      want mine?
    8. andyhaj
      I'll decide if I want them during the night, so I'll drop in a vm tomorrow...Ok?
    9. andyhaj
      And what levels?
    10. andyhaj
      I asked for the nature...
    11. andyhaj
      I have Golbat myself...Nature of Tentacruel and Torkoal?
    12. andyhaj
      Tell me...
    13. andyhaj
      Are your shinies up for trade?
    14. Icing Sugar
      Icing Sugar
      I went several times because the beaches there are AMAZING :D
    15. ninjascyther
      Part 2

      On the topic of the guide, its currently being stalled by data validity. By that i mean that a lot of the major online pokedexes have different values for the appearance rate of some many pokemon. I trust marriland more than sppf, so i asked marriland why i should trust his data instead of other online dexes. Once i have the source of the data, i will do the resources, then the guide. So i probably wont get anything to you for a while, because ill be doing the boring work of compiling route stats, and comparing appearance rates. But i will work on it!

    16. ninjascyther
      Part 1

      Well here's my opinions of what happens in the game when you chain (very basic since i dont actually know the details).

      When you reset the radar:

      One patch is assigned randomly to each ring
      The position of the patches determines the pattern-based part of the chance for the chain continuing. (The stuff you were talking about Eg. a pair = -10%).
      Depending on the pattern chance, the appearance rate is taken into consideration to determine what patches contain the chained pokemon.

      ^ Thats kind of using the pattern/app rate relationship, and i do think the process is a lot more complicated than the 'thoery' i proposed.
    17. Icing Sugar
      Icing Sugar
      Yes, I went 6 times xD

      I love Brasil :P
    18. Icing Sugar
      Icing Sugar
      Nao, eu soy argentina, mas falo um poquinho de portugues xD
    19. ninjascyther
      Post 3

      This would explain the 99% pattern - the impact of the pattern is very high, therefore the impact of appearance rate is very low. If you take a 70% app rate pokemon, and a 1% app rate pokemon, and both have a 99% pattern, the sucess rate of the patch would be higher for the 70% pokemon, but only slightly, and very low rate pokemon can easily continue with the pattern. Eg [probably wouldnt be like this] a 70% poke could have 99.70% continuation rate with a 99% patch, whereas a 1% poke would have 99.01%.

      So, what do you think of that theory (inverse relationship b/w pattern and appearance rate in patch determination)? Also BTW, you use the term 'made me questionate'. Its actually just 'made me question'. Another odd term in the english language.

    20. ninjascyther
      Post 2

      I'm guessing there is a very complex formula that determines how many patches contain the chained pokemon, and which patches have the chained pokemon. To try and answer your question about 99% patterns, i will use some observations:
      No matter what the appearance rate of the pokemon is, with the right pattern, the chain is heavily weighted to suceed if you go in the right patch.
      When there isnt a pattern that greatly ups the success rate, the continuation of the chain seems to be down to the appearance rate of the pokemon.
      *i kind of had a breakthrough feeling when writing this, probably like when you were at school*
      What if appearance rate and arrangement of patches are the 2 dominant determinants of what patches contain? And they have somewhat of an inverse relationship? Eg When the impact of the pattern is low, appearance rate is a big factor in patch determination - and when the impact of the pattern is high, appearance rate isnt very pivotal in patch determination.
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