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Last Activity:
Mar 23, 2010
Aug 5, 2009
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ElectricType Trainer

Megalo was last seen:
Mar 23, 2010
    1. shiniesrock
      Would you offer any shiny pokemon for my lv10 UT mystery mew? I can't trade soon though, broke my old ds. Its just sitting on my platinum version and my soulsilver is what I use for wifi on my ds lite.
    2. Frontier Brain B
      Frontier Brain B
      Offered you a trade, brah.
    3. GolemGuy
      Check your PMs. I offered a trade, and I'm showing it here just in case.
    4. Phoenix360
      Thanks for the Celebi! If ever you want to trade again I'm up for it. I'm going to my the Game store this sat for the Movie Arceus and since I'm taking both my Diamond and Pearl I'll have one spare. I'll be more then happy to trade that with you if you want it. :)
    5. MrGizmo
      yea,im waiting now.
    6. A7X_Slayer
      Thank-you for the Arceus XD
    7. A7X_Slayer
      Okay I want to trade right now
      In WiFi XD
    8. Monk E
      Monk E
      Hey I saw that you had a timid shiny rayquaza. Would you trade it for a GAMESTP PCP and a legit UT lvl. 17 shiny Tauros? PM or VM me back :) Thanks.
    9. Arcanine_Trainer
    10. Arcanine_Trainer
      Megalo, I'm up for trade until about 10pm (2hrs from now) possibly longer you have my FC and I have yours, so go on as soon as you read this. I am desperate for Deoxys!

      Arceus is waiting for you...
    11. Dark_Steelix
      Thanks for the trade!
    12. Trainmaster718
      My FC is in my sig, too. I'll be logging in in just a second.
    13. Trainmaster718
      Yeah, that sounds like a deal. When can you trade?
    14. SQUIRTLETamer08
      It doesn't look like it. Unfortunately my college's wifi is not working. However I have emailed the Technological service here and they will help me out as soon as possible.
      If it does not work I will not be able to trade until my spring break. It is not until March 5th. And I don't think you would want to wait that long. Sorry for the inconvienance.
      I will message you when they email me back though.
    15. Ludi-Cola
      thanks for Totodile. I'll send it SS when I get that, b/c I always pick the grass starter.
    16. Ludi-Cola
      Would you like one of my Riolu eggs? I have extras that I'm giving away for Valentine's and we've traded before so I already got yr friend code. Clearing out bozes to prepare for SS so eggs have to hatch or trade.
      Mine's 3265-5772-9903 (in-game name Wally) in case mine was deleted.
    17. pkfan
      I need the exact IVs on all pokemon offered, eggmoves are nice, but not necessary though...

      and please PMs, no VMs
    18. wyoungb
      yeah my bad ill be right back in
    19. wyoungb
      that works... whats your fc?

      mines 0131 2676 9230
    20. wyoungb
      i have 4, jan 30, feb 2 and 5 and i think feb 1 but im not sure on the last one
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