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Last Activity:
Oct 9, 2019
Jul 5, 2009
Likes Received:
Sep 3, 1993 (Age: 26)
Puerto Rico

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Not Happy, 26, from Puerto Rico

megaman12 was last seen:
Oct 9, 2019
    1. Rico_Suave
      Definitely. Maybe hang around xat and talk a bit. Just like old times :)
    2. Ultimate Dragon Knight
      Ultimate Dragon Knight
      Hey Mega, how's it going man? Sure would be nice to get in touch again sometime haha. What's the easiest way I could contact you?
    3. Rico_Suave
      Hey Mega! Long time. I sent u a message on FB and u never replied... I sure miss all of the guys back in the old leagues.
    4. neo darkrai
      neo darkrai
      I see that you're kind of active here. What's up? It's been a while. I've been in this weird state where I wanna try to chat with people from Legacy/Ascension. Quite a few people (like UDK) haven't been on for months.
    5. Ilane
      Are you even around anymore Mega?
    6. ger9119
      i've been pretty good mega :3 how about you? :D
    7. Ilane
      Mega! I opened my trade shop!
    8. T.W.I.
      Hey, can you let me know if you still want that water gym position? The leagues been up for a while and I have no clue if you are preparing or not :S
    9. Skarm™
      I challenge you to the Legacy league!
    10. sizida
      Yeah no problem.

      I shall finish the story mode of my other game then!
    11. sizida
      Caught ya online!
    12. sizida
      What I mean you could have just leave a message that you can't.

      I think you should message me when you are free to battle as you see me online.
    13. sizida
      Yeah you could just replied to me you can't *-_-
    14. sizida
      Eved Pokemon. My story team are totally Eved too!

      I want to use a weather team. However it is not one type weather team hehe.
    15. sizida
      Woot! Thanks for the trade!

      Ah yes, wanna battle? You promised me in doubles -_- I am sick of battling copycats in random battling.
    16. sizida
      Oh ok.

      I need to get this battle done first though.

      So only trading my Pachirisu right?
    17. sizida
      Yeah I am.

      Seriously you need to have your own computer.
    18. sizida
      Yup! I will be online till 12pm (my gmt) today! Meaning for 3 hours starting now.
    19. sizida
      Thanks! I never get 100% marks in my life lol.

      I shall stay online one hour from now.
    20. sizida
      If you mean Basic Theory Evaluation, I got 95% out of 100 lol. Got 3 mistakes.

      My actual test falls on next month.
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    Sep 3, 1993 (Age: 26)
    Puerto Rico
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Smart,friendly guy

    playing pokemon