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  • But I prefer it UT as what the rules stated...

    Oh well. Read it before you attempt to do this again. I don't except cloning so I shall let this as an exception.
    Oh I got these berries already~

    You mean DW Spearow? WOOT I WANT!

    Post it on my trade shop wall please!
    Hmm must be listed what I want currently in my trade shop though.

    The berries that weakens fire and another ice.

    Anyway the berries is better that you trade them to me in game lol. Too many people visit my dream land...

    If you are interested, post it there!
    Send Sponge Bob!

    I heard the news that power lines were cut and submerge in flood. Why didn't you evacuate the area?

    Anyway my shop is up~
    Lol I got alot of females. But I aren't sharing.

    Ok then I shall continue battling uncreative Jap people then! Most of them just copied the tourney champions.
    Hmm. Yup I visited your land already~

    Currently I need the berry that can weaken fire and another weaken ice that is all.
    I think I already visited yours.

    Anyway my name is Boohoo there. I just refreshed my swapping shelf!
    No need to bother. They don't answer anyway.

    Depends on what answers you want to know.
    If only my shop has approved...I am waiting!

    Geez here is worse than I ask for answers in my uni campus!
    No. I did told you my nickname there.

    See under game pal list when in dream world map.

    I do have females but they aren't for giving away.
    I wonder...if I send an egg to battle, will it just wobble there? Haha!

    I am experimenting eggmoves. I hope you like them~
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