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  • Simply put, it 'destroys' the original metagame.

    I am fine with your any caught Pokemon.
    Seriously why you rng? Sorry I am against this so don't bring this topic up.

    I know. But I only trading 4 Pokemon.
    mine is 4384 9825 6845 if you didn't see my siggy.

    I am ready! Bring 4 tradable Pokemon.

    Yes I completed the game long time ago. And you can't RNG leges in the game unless breeding.
    I got awesome berries for you to swap!Check my shelf!

    Oh yeah after we trade lol.
    Not today then.

    I am busy after this.

    Ah sorry. It is gonna be hard for me to meet you on unless my trade shop has approved.
    How about now? Woot.

    Will trading an egg helps? Haha!

    Though sorry I do not go online that long due to studying for my driving theory test. I must pass above 90%.
    I won 3 times compared to losing 9 times -_-

    Because I insisted not to use any legendaries.

    Just add me in your game pad (meaning we trade in the game), then it automatically register me and you as game pals! Then you can visit my dream land by clicking Dream Map and game pals.
    Yay! Go for it!

    I already started battling against players in random battle and I DL the PWT tournament already~
    It is hard alright!

    There is no clue you have to go to the center pillar in level 1, flash in level and strength in level 3!
    I went to check out for FAQ for strange endings though.

    Boohoo haha! Speaking about underwater, there is one puzzle there that really tough to figure it out until you go there so many times. However I checked the faq for this lol.
    You do know how to get strange endings right? XD

    Maybe Heatran is confined there by Kyogre -_-
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