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  • Well, first of all, you want to get rid of it's Relaxed Nature. Honchkrow doesn't like having its Speed lowered.

    If you can't rebreed, then just EV it in Attack and Speed like normal. Standard 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe.
    I was trying to raise Dawn's team from the anime, so I could take challenges from people of the forums, but the Ampibom is being a pain tho :(
    They all have the exact same movesets and everything, but so far Mamoswine and Buneary are the best for sweeper, Piplup just epically fails everytime, and Pachirisu just gets KO'd all the time lol.

    So it's going fine :p
    I had tried doing it, but I think my computer turned off half-way through and I lost it, so I decided to quite >_< lol
    I think I had decided that most of the important information was already extracted from CoroCoro, so I just left it at that :p Page 3 of CoroCoro if you want to look over it, it's probably everything you've already seen before though :p

    [July CoroCoro Magazine]
    This. Made it for a local unofficial tourney. Which is actually just a few guys (and one girl, for that matter) who get together at a Gamestop where the manager is nice enough to let us host it, which basically is just, whoever shows up gets in. It placed in first out of 12. I'm currently designing a new one for the next tourney, because I hate using the same Team twice at things like this.
    I have the silver pass on each facility apart from the Battle Tower, but that is mainly because I have been working on my Sinnoh Dex recently trying to catch all the Pokemon.
    All I know is that each stat can only have a total of 255 EVs, and you can only acquire only 510 EVs for one Pokemon, which means you can put 255 EVs in both Speed and Special Attack for something, like, let's say a Gengar. There's more information of EVs in the game mechanics on Serebii.net :p

    That's all I know, unfortunately. Good luck :D

    And I think items will stop when one stat has reached it's limit. Say 255 for Speed, meaning you only have 255 EVs left to spread them on your Pokemon's stats. Something like that :)
    No, thank you :)
    If you find anything at all that you would like to see translated that I haven't done or have any questions, feel free to ask, I'll try my best to help out :)
    But you did, which is what I can't understand. I suppose this whole thing is a bit ironic, however.

    No problem.
    When you say I was 'shredding' you, you seem to be implying I was insulting you. I was not, I was just being honest. It's called 'the truth hurts' and 'don't shoot the messenger'.
    Haha, I thought EVs and Stats were separate lol :p

    Salamence @ Life Orb
    Attack: 405
    Defense: 181
    Sp. Atk: 202
    Sp. Def: 180
    Speed: 299

    Attack EVs: 252
    Speed EVs: 252
    HP EVs: 6

    Heracross @ Choice Scarf
    Attack: 349
    Defense: 175
    Sp. Atk: 85
    Sp. Def: 215
    Speed: 295

    Attack EVs: 252
    Speed EVs: 252
    HP EVs: 6

    Azelf @ Choice Specs
    Attack: 257
    Defense: 176
    Sp. Atk: 383
    Sp. Def: 176
    Speed: 329

    Sp. Atk EVs: 252
    Speed EVs: 252
    HP EVs: 6

    I hope that was sufficient information...

    I dunno about IV's, unfortunately. Sorry :(
    I haven't planned my Team because I might or might not be trading over, and also, don't forget that they haven't released what Pokemon are found where, because it might change.

    As for the 'shredding' part, you seem to confuse being blunt with flaming.
    Nah, it's cool. I'm considering for a Porygon-Z to eliminate my weakness to Bug, Dark and Ghost-types.

    Oh well, good luck with the Battle Factory :D
    I type fast too. Just read over your messages before you send them.

    As for the BF, I haven't had the time to do much, but I've gotten all the colorless medals.
    I honestly don't have a strategy with the factory. It's pure luck for me, honestly. But I've tried so many times to win a print, I've memorized the moves of each Pokemon. And when I battle the first trainer in each streak I'm trying to beat, I make sure to pick a Pokemon with a type that beats the other Pokemon's type. For the Gold print, I only beat Thorton once. His team was Ninetales, Metagross and Aggron, which were all KOed by Garchomp's Earthquake O_____o
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