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Sep 6, 2014
Likes Received:
Nov 15, 2000 (Age: 19)
Home Page:
Aspiring Animator

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Bored, Male, 19, from Kalos

Who's here? May 13, 2019

    1. DiaRubyTandem
      Ohh that sounds lame... :3
    2. Wishmaker Latias
      Wishmaker Latias
      You ripped it out!

      I was uber only in gen 3.
    3. Pokegirl Fan~
      Pokegirl Fan~
      Hello there :3
    4. DiaRubyTandem
      Same, lemme guess you're a little busy this days?
    5. Pokegirl Fan~
    6. Darkrai 888
      Darkrai 888
      Yes, I can.
    7. Symphony
      I've been alright. Same stressed Symphony as usually.

      BARK!! XD Midday form for the win!
    8. DiaRubyTandem
      Its great, dude!! How's yours?
    9. mew661
    10. Thunder09
      Is it November yet?
    11. Wishmaker Latias
      Wishmaker Latias
      Well okay ...

      So I got to the endgame of birthright today after a long hiatus because I was sick and couldn't think clearly enough to play this game.
      No save, outnumbered, and no idea what to expect, just impovise!
      Eh I'll figure something out tomorrow. This attempt's done for anyway, I broke all of my hexing rods on Garon and don't have any left for the dragon. The unconvenional dragon that doesn't get cheesed by Dragon Spirit it seems, GARON WHAT MAKES YOU SO SPECIAL, I HAVE TO LUG AROUND THAT DRAGON WEAKNESS AND SO SHOULD YOU!
      Well still, I didn't expect to be thrown into that hellhole without any respite, especially since Xander was a joke even without a witch intervening and hitting him from behind, instead of a proper duel, but I didn't need to play dirty because I nailed him in one turn anyway because Beast Killer was my secondary weapon(Mikoto's Yumi being the primary), boo, he didn't live up to the buildup!

      I probably confused you even more, well that is what happens when you give me the wheel.
      But hey at least the full version of Azura's song plays in the background, because the same old opening verses used throughout the entirety of the game got old already.
    12. Darkrai 888
      Darkrai 888
      No I have trouble talking with people in Public sometimes
    13. MegaMaster#1
      Sigh its been so long,any of my friends still active ^^;?
    14. Goggled Petilil
      Goggled Petilil
      My summer vacation is over now and this is my final year of high school.

      I'll probably be pretty busy this year...and stressed. ^^;
    15. Trickster Zorua
      Trickster Zorua
      Oh, ouch... I wish you good luck then. :/
    16. Xeno the Doomguy
      Xeno the Doomguy
      Yo.... You back? You ok?
    17. DiaRubyTandem
      Also Katana and Enchantress <3

      Will Smith killed it!!
    18. Xeno the Doomguy
      Xeno the Doomguy
      It's ok pal. Nothing wrong with any of that.... How's life?
    19. Symphony
      That's good. I'm already back in class, lol. We start earlier than most.

      Unova did bring a lot of great designs though. I enjoyed a lot of the Unova Pokemon
      Wales, part of the UK. Just look for it on the map ^^
    20. Darkrai 888
      Darkrai 888
      Yes I have it :( like I'm VERY SHY on asking for help and such.

      It... was... NOT a PLEASANT Experience...
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    Nov 15, 2000 (Age: 19)
    Home Page:
    Aspiring Animator
    Favourite Pokémon:
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    >(o^.^o)< <(Denne)
    ...<( () )>S*
    ......^ ^

    ☆.。.:*・°⭐~Hiya there Serebiians :~
    Alias:~ •Jev

    Interests:~ •Any components of art.
    •Reading(at times)
    .....yada yada..you'll get to know more once you know me...

    People I consider true friends:~
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    I give generic nicknames but say what,

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    |above! Simple right ^_<? |


    ♥MegaRenaShipping--(Me × TheKalosQueenSerena)

    Love my Girlfriend KalosQueenSerena SOOooooo much! ♥♥♥♥

    ♥Amourshipping-(Ash × Serena)

    Dislike list( I hold long grudges so please avoid reaching this list)

    ~Anonymous PM guy

    Favourite Anime~

    ★Himouto Umaru chan
    ★Kiss × Sis
    ★Yosuga no Sora
    ★Zero no Tsukaima

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    ★Steven Stone

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    ★Laverre City Gym
    ★Anistar Gym
    ★Nimbasa Gym
    ★Shalour Gym
    ★Humilau Gym
    ★Hearthome Gym
    ★Cyllage Gym
    ★Castellia Gym
    ★Ceruleum Gym

    Alternative ways to contact me~

    ★DeviantArt- AceArtist25


    ★Bulbagarden- ~VictoriousVictini~

    ★Tumblr- Mr.Mystifying Meowstic

    ★Gamefaqs- MysteryMeowstic

    ★Pokemon Community- Serena F@n Boy

    Thanks for visiting fellow Serebiians!